Duke ABSN Fall 2011

  1. Hi all!

    I know its early and the application isn't due until December 1st, but I was wondering if there was anyone else out there applying to the Duke ABSN program to start in August of 2011! I've already read through some of the previous semesters' threads and it seems like a great outlet for discussion/ questions/ nerves!

    Let me know
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  3. by   Amanda531

    I'm applying for the Duke ABSN program for Fall 2011, and I've been reading the threads on here too. They are really great, and they have answered some of the questions that I was wondering! Duke's ABSN program seems amazing, and it's my first choice! I've filled out the application, but I've haven't wrote my personal statement yet. I have 2 other schools which I'm applying that have deadlines October 15th, so I really need to begin writing a personal statement! Also I need to take the GRE for one of those schools, which can be taken after the application deadline, so I'll probably take it at the end of next month. My GPA is a almost a 3.5, so I really don't "need" it for Duke, but I figured since I have to take it anyway I should submit my scores to them also.

    I am so nervous about this whole process, and reading the past threads sometimes makes it worse!
  4. by   KikiJ
    Hi, I am also applying for Fall 2011. I just went to the information session. The facilities are gorgeous and everyone seems so helpful and nice. I am still working on my application and have not begun my personal statement. I too am excited and nervous.
  5. by   oaktown2

    Yea! I've been waiting for this thread to start. Was getting ready to start it, but you beat me to it! I am also applying for Fall 2011. Duke is definitely one of my top choices. I've written some thoughts for my statement, but it still has a long ways to go. What is everyone's background? I'm doing a pretty big career change from finance, but really looking forward to getting into nursing.
  6. by   Amanda531
    Hi Everyone!


    How was the information session? I really wanted to go, but the timing with my job wouldn't allow it. The photos of Duke's campus look beautiful. Was there anything/info that really caught your attention at the session?


    It's great that you're changing your career! How long have you been working in finance?

    My undergraduate degree is in biology and I my background was pre-med. After some personal experiences this year, I've decided that going to medical school and becoming a doctor isn't for me anymore. Currently, and over the past year, I've been working in research since I didn't have the opportunity while I was in undergrad. It's been an interesting experience.
  7. by   hlr9433
    I submitted my application on Saturday! I am hoping I won't obsess too much while I wait.
  8. by   KikiJ

    They had a few teachers and current students come and speak and answer question. They also had a representative from financial aid. One thing they really wanted people to be aware of was the cost for tuition and fees which is around $56,000 for the 16 months. This does not include your housing or living expenses. They want people to come in with open eyes. They also talked about the tuition reimbursement program through Duke hospital. This past year no one was offered a position there due to the current economy. They wanted people to know depending on what happens with the economy, that there may or may not be positions available and that if there are spots available, it is competitive. That being said, by the time we will graduate, the new cancer center should be opening which would up the chances of there being positions available.

    If you want more information, they will connect you with a current student via email.
    I hope this helps,
  9. by   oaktown2
    KikiJ - thanks for filling us in on the info session. That's a bummer about the reimbursement program, but we still have 27 months until we are looking for work! Did you come out feeling excited about the program?

    Amanda531 - I've been in finance about 10 years. Wow, I hadn't realized that! I was actually interested in healthcare prior to that but things just worked out differently.

    hlr9433 - congrats on getting your application it! The suspense would kill me, but do keep us posted on whether or not you hear anything. I am hoping to submit a little early in the hopes of hearing something early!
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  10. by   hlr9433
    Someone mentioned in the info session that they used to do early decision, but they don't anymore.
    However, I have been told that submitting early isn't a bad thing since they have more time to look at your application.
  11. by   oaktown2
    hlr9433 - so you went to the info session as well? What did you think of what they had to say and the program? I would have loved to have gone!
  12. by   hlr9433
    oaktown2- I actually live in Durham, so I went over to the school in August and met with admissions and financial aid to see if this was doable. I emailed them from the website and they were super helpful. The admissions person, M has answered numerous questions for me while I was putting together my application.

    I also went to the info session and it made me more excited about it. The program will actually give you more clinical hours than some other programs out here and you can opt to do some of them in South America or Tanzania among other places. Overall it just feels like the program is very personalized. I think they keep it small for a reason. The first gentleman to speak talked alot about their forcus on leadership and excellence and I believed it.

    Another note for everyone, I know someone who is waitlisted for the winter session right now and admissions told here that the last two sessions they have been able to offer a spot to EVERYONE on the waitlist.
  13. by   KikiJ
    I think the program is wonderful and I think that the staff there sounds remarkable. They really seem invested in the success of their students. I really want to go there but the cost is definitely on my mind. Everything seems to be state of the art and I think the program will provide a great platform to get started as a nurse.
  14. by   oaktown2
    KikiJ - I can absolutely relate to that. Everything I have heard about the program has been positive and it seems like they can provide some great opportunities. The thing that keeps them top of the list is that all my program options for an ABSN are expensive, so why not just go for the program that fits the best! And I keep hoping that the economy will improve.

    hlr9433 - that's great to hear about doing clinicals in other countries. I had been wondering if we would have time to do things like that!