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Hi all! I know its early and the application isn't due until December 1st, but I was wondering if there was anyone else out there applying to the Duke ABSN program to start in August of 2011!... Read More

  1. by   marann1234
    Thanks for posting that info. Gives me butterflies just thinking about how competitive admissions are this semester. I'm bringing my sister to my interview this Friday. Did any of you that interviewed last week bring someone with you? I'm just wondering how the day is structured and if it makes sense to bring someone along for support.
  2. by   marann1234
    One more question, how does the waiting list work? Does it carry over to the spring semester?
  3. by   scout678
    I am bringing someone as well - Melissa said that it was ok.
  4. by   dorshee
    They split us up into 4 groups. We all had orientation together, and then, depending on your group, you would go to some activity. The activities were a student panel where you can ask them anything you want, financial aid info session, campus tour, and of course your interview time slot. Everyone had lunch at noon. The campus tour was also led by students, so you could ask them more questions if you had them.

    They didn't mention the waitlist carrying over to spring, so I'm guessing no - since that's a whole other group of applicants.
  5. by   marann1234
    Thanks for such a great description of the day!! So helpful
  6. by   ArkansasRunner
    I was pleasantly surprised by the interviews- they were much more low-key than I expected, and the questions were easy and predictable (why do you want to be a nurse?, why is Duke a good fit for you?, what makes you prepared for the intensity of the accelerated program?...). I would also go into each of the two interviews with at least one question. Both interviewers asked me if I had any questions, and I think having something prepared reflects positively on you. Plus that gives you a few more minutes of "exposure" to the interviewer, and hopefully a better chance that they'll remember YOU out of the 160 applicants.

    In my first interview the faculty member told me that they were trying to be very systematic about selecting this cohort- charting all of the variables, looking at past trends, evaluating what metrics predict a successful student, etc. I believe they rate you on a 1-5 scale for each interview question, but I could be wrong.

    In case anyone is still planning their outfit, I would recommend a suit. I think a full-on business suit, pearls, killer heels, etc. is overkill, but you might feel underdressed in slacks and a shirt. I wore a suit, but dressed it down with more casual shoes and jewelry and I was very happy with my choice.

    Good luck!
  7. by   school24
    can anyone recommend an inexpensive hotel to stay at??????
  8. by   NormaP

    Your message makes me feel much more comfortable, particularly since you also included tips on appropriate attire. I had already been planning to wear a nice suit with comfortable shoes. Now I am absolutely sure, so that is one less thing to think about. Hardly have time to think anyway with school, work, and family....

    I am really looking forward to the student panel and the campus tour that Dorshee mentioned. Also looking forward to meeting you when we all matriculate in August.

    Thanks for your interview hints.

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  9. by   ocennia
    school24 - I'm staying at the Extended Stay near the school and it's only costing me $54! Pretty good deal!

    Thanks for all the information everyone!! It' so helpful to know what is coming but now I'm super nervous!!

    ArkansasRunner: thanks for the hint about the questions! I'm thinking of I should be asking them, at least I have three days to think about it!
  10. by   Evita
    Hey all. Sorry I didn't post anything helpful about the interview yet - but it seems like all the other posters covered it. I started school again right after I got back into town, and things have just been crazy.
    I had a bunch of questions prepared to ask my interviewers but by the time my interview came around they had all been answered. When the interviewers asked me if I had any questions I just answered honestly that I had all of my questions answered by everyone having been so helpful and and informative throughout the day. They seemed ok wiith it, and anyway, I always figure honesty is the best policy.
    I brought someone with me, but he dressed nicely and I feel like he didn't stick out too much. I saw a few people with guests and the interviewers have NO IDEA if you brought someone or not, so it's no big deal. For me it was great to have another set of eyes and ears with me to talk things over with afterwards.
    Did I meet any of you all there?
  11. by   aspire2inspire
    Thanks for the replies everyone! I'm super nervous that my interview is on Friday, but super excited to get it over also!

    Evaamber, I know that they are supposed to be serving breakfast and lunch...what exactly did they serve? Also, did your guest eat with you or go somewhere else? I'm planning on bringing my mother with me and I don't want her to starve all day
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  12. by   Evita
    aspire2inspire - Breakfast was continental. Coffee, bagels, fruit, muffins, yogurt. Lunch was boxed lunches containing a sandwich, chips, and cookie. They also had lots of bottled water. There was enough for guests at our "duke days". I am sure mom will be able to eat.
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  13. by   nikki164
    are there signs throughout the school of nursing so you know where to go?? i will be staying with a friend of mine who is an undergraduate at duke, and may either take the bus/shuttle or a cab from east campus to the nursing school. once you're there, is it pretty self-explanatory? do they give you a tour? how many people were there approximately?