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Hi, This summer I am beginning the prereq for nursing school. Chem,anat,microbio, etc. So I am curious to know what's ahead of me?? Is it really as hard as they say??? I am hoping to attend ECU school of nursing next January.... Read More

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    Pitt judges admission by points, rather than GPA. Example...A&P is worth 40 points for an A, 32 points for a B, 25 for a C (don't remember exact numbers, pulling #'s out the a** there!) and that's for the first time you take it. The number of points also depends on how many credits the class is worth. Ex: English might be 30 points for an A instead of 40. At the end of the semester, points are added up. You need to have at least 100 points for admission. I had probably around 130 some. -Andrea
    Thanks for the insight. I am starting my prereq's this summer!! I have A&P, and CHem together in the Fall. Nightmare, huh?? Best of luck to you!