Best New Grad Programs in NC

  1. Hi everyone!
    I just wanted to ask you all which hospitals in NC (especially the Triangle and Triad) have the strongest new grad programs and why you think so. Are there any programs or hospitals that I should avoid? Since I will be a new grad in a few months, I would appreciate any of your insight!
    Thanks so much!
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  3. by   RosePMHNP
    Hi again,
    I was just wondering if anyone had any comments or insight. I would appreciate it so much!
  4. by   PatMac10,RN
    Idk from personal experience. But I have heard good things about all of the new grad nurse residency/fellowship programs. I heard the most about the ones at Duke, UNC, and Wake Med! I applied to those.
  5. by   MMaeLPN
    My nephew finished his ADN and was hired at Southern Pines. They had an awesome CCU orientation.
  6. by   MendedHeart
    Wake Med, Duke, UNC, Rex, Pitt..they r all partial to Rex..its an amazing hospital with excellent staff!!
  7. by   RosePMHNP
    Thanks so much for your comments! Has anyone heard about new grad programs at hospitals in the Triad as well?
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  8. by   Wrench Party
    There are some new positions up at Moses Cone and Baptist. I didn't apply for those because I wasn't keen on moving to
    the Triad.