Best Community College in NC, Gastonia

  1. Hello! I am moving to NorthCarolina, Gastonia County. What is good college in the area for RN program? Thanks.
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    Gastonia county? There's a Gaston county and surrounding Catawba and Carbarus county's. I'm guessing you're moving to Gastonia or Charlotte?

    I've heard good things about Gaston Community in Dallas, NC, but that there is a long wait list if you don't get selected right away. There's a diploma school in Charlotte that a cousin of mine is in (through Presby) and she loves it. If you're willing to travel to Hickory, I've heard good things about CVCC's nursing program through my best friend.

    In Boiling Springs, NC (just outside of Shelby), there's Gardner-Webb University. It's a private four year University, but has an ADN as well as a traditional BSN education route for nursing; they also have an RN-BSN program if you take the ADN route and want to complete your Bachelors. A nurse that married into my family went to UNC Charlotte and earned her Bachelors and Master's there; UNCC's nursing program starts out at the Bachelor level. Also in Charlotte is Queens University; I don't know much about this school, but I heard they were having accreditation issues a few years ago. Not sure of their status now, but they're one option to look into.

    That's all the schools I can think of.
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    Queens University's program is through Presbterian Hospital; BSN, extremely expensive and they no longer do a loan forgiveness program. Mercy (diploma program) and Carolinas College of Health Sciences (ADN, where I'm at) are both affiliated with Carolinas Healthcare System (CHS). They still offer a loan forgiveness program. NCLEX pass rate is always 97%-100% for first timers. CPCC also offers an ADN program, hard to get into because so many people apply. Gaston College offers an ADN program as well. UNCC offers a BSN program.

    There are LOTS of options! Good luck!
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    There's no wait list at gaston. There's a point system based on your Pre-reqs, gpa, teas score.
    They take the highest scoring students. The following year it starts back over there is no technical "wait list" but gaston has a high NCLEX passage rate. Those are important things to look at