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Has anyone worked for them? Do they offer regular raises/cost of living increase? I recently interviewed with them and was shocked at how low the pay started at. $20/hr. for RN's. I thought it would... Read More

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    I work fulltime with Bayada. I have worked with them for over two years. I love working for them. It really depends on the clients you get. I am an LPN currently working on my ADN. Two semesters to go!
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    I've worked at bayada for a about 18 months, I was hired by a different company but bayada bought out our company 7 months ago... I make $25/hr $26 on the weekends, and this was my first nursing job, since I'm only paying health insurance for myself its very cheap at only $16 a week. I work with all trach and vented peds patients and most days I love it!
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    I live in South Jersey and have worked for Bayada for a year. RN pay rate here: 30hr-Trach patients; 35hr-Vent Patients; Weekend only program I was told by the recruiter-40hr. I have also gotten paid 45hr for days that they desperately needed someone to fill the shift. The LPNs Rate I was told by LPNs: 20hr-25hr based on the patient also. The LPNs also get paid a little extra on the weekends without being on a weekend program. I hope this helps
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    did anyone worked as a travel nurse within the NC area?
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    Quote from madamsRN
    I work for Bayada Nurses part time. I started just about a month ago. they started me at $25/hr. I live in Central New Jersey. at my fulltime job I make $33/hr. HUGE DIFFERENCE
    I also live in CNJ and work for Bayada. I am an LPN and make $25/hr. I am afraid to leave here knowing I wont make near that down south. However, I also pay $1500/ mo in rent + util. and all the other bills. Im wondering if it will level out knowing that all that should be cheaper down there?

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