Anyone apply to Rex UNC 2013 new grad?

  1. 0 I applied to the Women's and Childrens new grad spot. Other were open too (ED, critical care, intermediate care, perioperative...) Just wondering if anyone has heard back? It just closed on Friday but I have heard some of the ED applicants were hearing back in November. Anyone else....?
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    Hi, I had an interview with the ED, but have not heard anything. Someone from another area hospital mentioned that Rex may be on a hiring freeze. Not sure if that information is accurate, but it seems a little odd if no applicants have heard about a possible position this close to the program start date.
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    Well, I called the women's health manager. They are actually not taking any new graduates on their floors this go-around..
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    Thanks for update. That's a bummer, heard such good things about Rex!
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    Everyone wants to work there. It is a great place! I did 16 weeks of clinical there and have three friends that work there. Since I have an ADN, I won't get an interview They really like experienced and BSNs there. A lot of their positions go to UNC grads. Magnet hospital. AND they are very slow.
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    I want to apply. I am filling out an application. I've heard such great things.
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    Just submitted my application! I hope I get an interview!
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    PatMac I applied as well!
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    Quote from Katie71275
    PatMac I applied as well!
    I hope we get some good news!!!
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    Rex is an amazing place to work..voted best in triangle among many many awards nationally and locally as well as Magnet staus
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    It seems like a great place! Just hoping I can get a call back
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    Rex is NOT on a hiring freeze but there are limited available new grad positions..I think they close soon too...the turn around there is very low..ppl tend to stay a long time!!
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    AND they are very slow.[/QUOTE]

    Rex is not slow..actually very busy!!!

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