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Well, after working three 12's in a row, I was dumb enough to sign up for an NRP class yesterday. Yes, I actually stayed up for 24 straight hours with no sleep and attempted to take tests. Um. I am NEVER doing that... Read More

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    Congrats! We had to have NRP before starting work. I think it's helpful for what to do when a baby spells, because it makes you focus on the basics. Everything in nursing either relates to shock or NRP.

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    Our new orientees are required to take NRP within the first 6 months of hire and we are required to renew q2years.
    Karen, I'm confused, your hospital doesn't send a NICU team to high risk deliveries? the L&D nurses and docs deliver? We attend any delivery that may need help. We have the "Bat" phone and they call when they have a pending delivery they want help for. We send at least one NICU nurse, an RT, a NNP, and a resident.
    Our L&D staff are taking NRP also, but they are relieved when we get to the room if a baby delivers before we get there and needs help. They know what to do, but they only have bag and mask to ventilate. we bring everything else. and they don't do it often enough to be comfortable with it. Nurses do not intubate, NNPs or residents do. Although, some of us have been around long enough we get very impatient when we get new residents every month and they are on their third try to intubate a 24 weeker!

    Debbie, good luck with the test. I guess the biggest strain in the actual situation in a code in the delivery room is IV access. Trying to get access while intubating and bagging. That's tough. Especially on a tiny one. In the unit on a kid whose already tubed and got lines it's much more controlled. AND you've got all your supplies much closer as well as more support staff who know how to help.
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    oops, sorry, I typed the wrong name, sorry Kristi!!:imbar
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    We have to be NRP certified by the end of our orientation. I take it next month, I have heard that it is hard but well worth it. As a new grad I want as much experience and material to learn as possible if I have to go running to a code. Thanks for the heads up Kristi.
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    Thanks to those who responded about me taking the course next month.

    The thing in my hospital is that the nursery nurses are responsible for the babies while they are on our floor. We are not supposed to even help them with breastfeeding (so we have been told). I'm not one to do something that sounds stupid to me. As far as I am concerned, if the babies are in the rooms on our floor, I am responsible for them and the teaching of moms of infant care and breastfeeding. I have helped many!

    I wish we at least had a warmer on our floor. The nursery is just a few seconds away, but seconds can sometimes count. Not all of our rooms are set up for suction either. We don't have pediatric equipment on our floor either!

    I am hoping the class will help. However, I am afraid that if I don't use it, I will lose it. The book and the CD are loaned to us to study. After that, I guess I'm on my own.
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    No, we are a teaching facility, so the births are attended by a horde of inters/residents and neo's when needed. They're assisted by the L&D nurses if they have to be, but it is extremely rare that there aren't enough of them present to handle it; usually the L&D nurses tend to the mom.

    Occasionally we will have a baby who can't be intubated in the delivery room, and they will rush the baby to the NICU so our respiratory team can intubate, and then the babies are handed over to us.

    Debbie, I have an extra book you are welcome to have if you like. I'd be happy to mail it to you if you're comfortable with that. Unfortunately, I don't have the CD (it shattered) that goes with it. I had to buy a new one when I signed up for the class. I had originally signed up a few months ago, but wasn't able to attend, so I ended up with two books, one working CD (which I'm keeping), and one broken one that I threw away. If you think you'll need the book, I'd be happy to fork it over to ya'. :>)
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    Thanks, Kristi! I pm'd you.
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    Congrats Kristi,goodluck debbie! I presume NRP is neonatal resuscitation procedure or anything to do with resus?
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    We are required to have ours done by the end of our orientation. Our nursery staff and L/D and ER people have to take it too.

    The renewal isn't as bad as that first test, but it amazes me that I still miss the same questions after 12 year LOL

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