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We right now just use an ng with med tubing, but we are going to be looking at some complete sets that can't be confused with med tubing. Just curious if anyone uses any of the manufactured sets and... Read More

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    we also have started using the tubing with the orange stripe, regular syringes. And EVERYthing must have a label on it...gets to be a hassle, but a good idea.
    Also.....when you (anybody) have OGT feeds via gravity, do you "hang" the syringe inside the isolette or actually spend that time with your patient and hold the syringe?
    In my old unit we were not allowed to hang the syringes. The unit I am in now, essentially everyone hangs the feeding and leaves the bedside. Drives me crazy

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    I'm not sure what kind of acuity your unit runs at, but in mine, I rarely have the time to sit there and watch it go in. It's a nice idea, but I don't think I've ever seen someone stay with the baby while the feed is going.
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    We don't stick around either unless it is a small amount.

    We have to label everything...syringe, tubing, the whole kitandkabboodle.
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    I try really hard to spend time with my babies.....that's why I am there...for the babies....not chit-chatting. Our unit really is quite busy.....~45 beds level III
    I do socialize during my shift, it just isn't a priority (as some nurses do).
    Just venting some frustrations..........................sorry

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