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  1. Ladies and Gentlemen,

    First post, so please forgive any lack of knowledge about the forums. I am a new member hoping to learn more about the Neonatal Industry and I'll be careful to talk to the Admins before I do anything on that front.

    While I'm working towards 15 posts, I'll introduce myself. I'm an Active Duty Navy Pilot who is going back to school to get my MBA. My interest in Neonatal is personal as my eldest son was born at 25 weeks gestation (15 weeks early!!!) at 1lb 11oz. He was about as big as my hand. Thank God, he was born at a hospital in NYC with a Level 3 NICU and he spent 4 months there before the Navy arranged a MEDEVAC transfer to the Balboa Naval Hospital NICU where I am stationed here in San Diego.

    So apart from many long stories (happy to share) about those scary days, I'll start by thanking NICU nurses everywhere for what you do! In both hospitals we had 99% great experiences with everyone we worked with (100% positive with all NICU nurses) and we will be forever grateful for helping our son come home. He is 4 years old now with some developmental delays and disabilities, but he is pure joy.

    Thanks everyone and I hope to learn lots from you!!!
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  3. by   RainDreamer
    Awww, that is so nice to hear!! Glad he is doing well. I know the hospitals would love an update and pictures, if you haven't already. And thank you, for being a dedicated and involved parent ..... we don't always see those.
  4. by   MichiganGoBlue
    Thanks! I'll be back in NYC at the end of this month so I plan to bring another picture for the update wall!
  5. by   JenRN30
    I'm so glad to hear that your son is doing well, and of your great experiences during a difficult time! Good luck with your studies, and keep us updated...
  6. by   royhanosn
    personal experience has talk me, that a lot of human handling of a preme helps. My daughter was in Neonatal for a few weeks plus a few premature, because she contracted during womb time, a rare bowel disease. She had a dead spot in her bowel. After it was fixed, the nurses, & us handled her a lot. Cuddling, talking to her, carrying her around. The human touch does it! She healed well. And is not 25 and typical mouthy adult child. Do expect your kid to carry on with what a military mom does.
  7. by   staycalm
    I have several co-workers that were once NICU parents. They went into nursing school with the goal of being a NICU nurse. It is such a fun process to see! They are all amazing nurses! Best of luck to you! Your empathy with be so appreciated by the families, even without a word of your personal story. I'm sure you remember those very special nurses that could reach into your heart, by care alone. That TLC can not be taught. You are well on your way!!!!
  8. by   MichiganGoBlue
    Thanks, everyone for the support! I have had a busy few weeks. 2 weeks ago, I visited the NICU where my son was born in NYC and brought them an updated picture for them to put up on their photo wall. One of his attending neonatologists remembered me and agreed to do an interview for my research! As part of my research, I visited Israel last week to look at a new technology that could really help in the NICU world. This company designed a Point of Care Complete Blood Count device. I remember how difficult it was for the NICU nurses to draw enough blood from my son when he was 1lb 11oz for platelet counts, bilirubin, etc. The new device takes less than one drop (20 uL) of blood and uses a disposable cartridge deliver a 20-parameter CBC result including 5 differentials and platelets. The results are ready in 5 minutes and there is no lab-style calibration or maintenance needed on the device. It's undergoing clinical trials in Europe right now showing to be as accurate as lab CBCs.

    I designed a 3 minute survey to gauge interest among doctors and nurses for a device like this for neonatal, oncology, and physician office labs. Since I have the personal interest in seeing something like this make it to NICUs, I took the responsibility in my group to study the neonatal segment. Remember, we are university students, not getting paid for this and have zero financial ties to the company that developed the technology. If any of you is interested in helping us by taking the survey or forwarding it to others, please feel free.

    Here is the link to the 3 minute survey:

    Here is a video describing the POC CBC device:
    HemoScreen Complete Blood Count at the Point of Care - YouTube
    I am happy to discuss further so here is my personal email address:
    Thanks again for your support and the incredible work you do!!!