really cute stuff for neonatal nurses

  1. 0 has some really cute little gifts for N.I.C.U. nurses. just thought you guys might want to check it out. ;>)

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    :roll :roll
    Kristi, I'm sorry! But the baby on the logo looks really creepy!!
    Is it just me?:imbar
  5. 0
    ROFL. I thought the same thing, actually. I like the slogan, though. ;>) Looks like someone socked it in the eye!!!!!!!!!
  6. 0
    I thought the baby pic was odd. I would purchase anything without the pic on it like the mug, lunch bag or tote bag. Great idea though. maybe they should use itty bitty hands and footprints.
  7. 0
    Ohmygod, CUTECUTECUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! rofl they have new stuff on there and i just bought the tshirt and the tote bag. well actually my husband bought it for me but i thanked him so that's got to count for something. ;>)
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    Nurses get gifts???? From WHO??????
  9. 0
    Oh yeah! Much better! I got a tee!
  10. 0
    Oh I noticed there is more than one logo, this time i went to the site there was totally different
  11. 0
    I saw 4 designs, all cute, none w/ the alien baby. I hope I can still get this stuff now that I'm retired!!!
  12. 0
    yeah the alien baby logo was gone, glad i checked it out a second time.

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