New Graduate Nurse in the NICU :)

  1. Hello everyone!!

    I would like to thank everyone on this website for all of the interview and other informative topics here in the NICU section.

    I just want to let everyone know that if your dream is to become a NICU nurse then follow it with your heart and do not stop!! I was told even by family that I should do 2 years of med-surg so I will have "experience" then apply to a NICU job. All I wanted was to become a NICU nurse!! During OB rotations I begged my instructor for double clinical's and built kind of a relationship with all of the NICU nurses at the hospital and especially the manager and practitioners. I volunteered for the NICU reunion and let me tell you it was one of the most inspiring events I have ever been to! My favorite moment that I tell everyone was when this little girl 6 years old showed me a picture of her when she was a peemie placed in the hands of her father!

    Later on I actually acquired an internship for the NICU unit at the hospital and with the help of some of them found the number to my states Children's Hospital's NICU manager!

    Long story short I am officially a NICU Nurse!!! Now to prepare for the 6 month training!!

    Btw I'm one of two guys on the unit haha..
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  3. by   nicurn426
    Congrats! I started Monday! This is also my first job out of school It's so overwhelming and exciting at the same time!!
  4. by   ENicuRN
    Congrats! So exciting! I start August 6th and its my first job as a new graduate RN too! It's going to be an exciting and nerve wracking ride for all of us.
  5. by   P3rsian
    I start Aug 6th too....where do you work??
  6. by   P3rsian
    [font=verdana, arial, helvetica, sans-serif]i start aug 6th too....where do you work??
  7. by   heartNICU
    Congrats! I'm also starting as a new grad on August 6th I'm so excited to get started.. my orientation will be 5 months. We really need to revive the new grad support thread since there's quite a few of us who have either started this summer or will be starting soon!
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  8. by   RN-BSNheather
    This is so so so inspiring. Thanks! I don't graduate from my BSN program until Dec 2013, but my ultimate dream job is to be a NICU nurse. It's all I've ever wanted to do (minus short-term mission trips for L&D/Neonate) since I was 14. I have my L&D/Peds/NICU rotation starting in August, and I cannot wait!!
  9. by   jmamo1
    Congratulations! I just graduated in May and have been working at the Veterans Hospital. I start my new job in the NICU on Monday and am nervous but excited. This is where I have wanted to work since I started school and now I am nervous because I am doing the job I will hopefully love.

    PS I think I am going to be one of three male nurses in the NICU haha.
  10. by   Ciale
    So I'm finishing up my 3rd semester and loved my NICU rotation. It was the first time in nursing school that I could actually see myself working on that unit and really enjoying it. I don't know how to go about it of the nurses on the unit told me to talk to the director. I sent her this long brain-dump of an email and haven't heard back from her. Do you think I should just stop by her office?!

    I'm not asking for a job (obviously since I'm just starting my final semester) but I just want to get some feedback on how to be a more competitive applicant. Did you guys get any certifications or take any classes, attend any seminars that helped?

    Would really really appreciate any feedback! Thank you
  11. by   NICUnurse12890
    I graduated in May and got hired into a NICU for my first RN job too! Just recently got out of orientation and I'm officially on my own. It's terrifying and exciting and even sometimes overwhelming. On top of the normal stress of this job, I'm such a perfectionist and I'm terrified in making a mistake! However, I absolutely love my job and can't imagine working in any other type of nursing. I feel so lucky to have gotten here right out of school.
  12. by   ckey01
    I'm graduating in few weeks and just found out I got a job in one of the largest NICUs in the area. I spent months networking and volunteering in order to get the recommendations I needed an I'm just so excited that I got a spot. The residency will be 20 weeks and then I'll start on the night shift.
  13. by   Ciale
    So how's it going, ckey01?
  14. by   Samantha79
    I start on Monday (New grad). So for all you new grads that have been in the NICU for 6 months now... how is it going? What advice can you give to us newbies? Anything would be helpful.