New Grad NICU Support Thread

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    Calling all New Grad NICU nurses...thanks to a thread started by NurseDevonL, we have decided to start a support group. Hopefully some of our more experienced NICU nurses will look in every so often to lend some support and knowledge as well. Welcome!

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    Just wanted to say hi! I'm a new grad and starting July 19th in a Level II. I am moving from California to Texas! So excited to pursue my dream!

    Hello everyone!

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    Hello everyone! I'm a new grad starting NEXT MONDAY! aaah!
    I, too, am so excited to start my dream job
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    I have not started working in the NICU yet, but it's my dream job! I have an interview for a NICU position this coming Monday!

    This a great thread idea. I hope to get the job and get a lot of tips for success here
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    Hello everyone!

    I am a December graduate and have been working in a level 3 NICU since early February. I spent 4 weeks of my orientation in level 2 and then spent the following 8 weeks in level 3. I have been on my own for about 3 weeks now and I can't believe how much I have learned so far! Some days are more stressful than others but regardless of how bad a shift goes, I ALWAYS look forward to going back. I call those babies my "little BFF's". I love them and they amaze me constantly.

    Good luck to you, southern.belle, go rock that interview! And best wishes to those of you starting soon. I hope we get lots of participation on this thread, I think it's a great idea!
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    Hi Everyone!

    I'm so glad the thread has taken off!!! I start in a level III NICU next month! I'm so excited! Good luck southern.belle...keep us posted. RN4Love, wannabe07, and chickensRN welcome to the thread! ChickensRN- it seems like it's going well so far. I feel like I read all terrible posts from new grads. This is nice to read! Wannabe07 and RN4love we all start within a few weeks of each other. How exciting.
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    Hoping to join you too. I have an interview next week. I was raised by a NICU nurse and have been a parent in the NICU, so I feel very connected to NICU nursing. Fingers are crossed that I get the position!
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    Yay! I'm so excited we are starting this support group! We will definitely need it, and it will be nice to just compare our experiences.

    Southern.bellex3 and of luck on your interviews!
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    I'm a new grad in a level III. I started in May and have been on the floor for 3 weeks today. I did two weeks in our level II/ICN and am just ending my first week in NICU.

    I was so scared my first day I just wanted to go in the bathroom and cry but now it's getting much better. Yesterday I took care of a kid on CPAP and when I come back on Monday I will be getting my first stable vented kiddo.

    I took my boards on Wednesday and am still waiting for results and it's killing me. I keep checking my state's BON AND to see if my results are available and they aren't! The suspense is killing me! I'm hoping they come available some time today so that I will know if I can party like a rockstar or have a pity party over my first weekend off.
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    Thanks for the good luck wishes, everyone! I feel like this is truly my heart and soul will be in it. I would feel so blessed to get this job, but I know that whatever happens is God's will!

    Good luck to everyone as you interview as well and start your new careers!

    I'm sure you did fine on boards, aero, but good luck!

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