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Calling all New Grad NICU nurses...thanks to a thread started by NurseDevonL, we have decided to start a support group. Hopefully some of our more experienced NICU nurses will look in every so often to lend some support and... Read More

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    S. Texas.
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    Congrats to all the new grads! I'm extremely JEALOUS. I've had my license since March 2010 and haven't been able to land my dream job in a NICU! Any suggestions? How was everyone able to start there fresh out of school?! Pass on your secrets! LOL.
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    Bortaz, I am located in central Virginia. I am willing to relocate somewhat, but I am married so my husband has to either be able to relocate or commute. It is difficult to get a new grad position here in a NICU but I am determined to get there. So any secrets/advice are welcomed!!!
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    I've decided to give NICU a try again. I'm not considered a new grad anymore, but I'm going to keep trying anyway. I've even joined the AACN to help the networking.
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    Im a new grad. I got my license July 2011. I have an interview next tuesday in a NICU in a perfect location. I am super nervous. Wish me luck
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    Good luck!
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    I am a recent grad taking my boards in Sept. I had my 1st NICU interview today at the hospital I would lover to work at. They are looking at 7-8 applicants for 1 spot. I should know by next Friday. I feel like I'm going to go crazy waiting to find out. I want this position badly. I felt I did well on the interview which was a peer interview with several nurses. At the end of the interview I ask what are the qualities they are looking for in a NICU nurse, and they all said everything you told us is what we are looking for. So, I'm hoping that is a good sign. I also completed my preceptorship in a NICU (not at the same hospital). They also told me they love to hire new grads. Anyone's opinion on what my chances are?? =)
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    1 out of 8, I'd say.

    J/K, I wish you luck.
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    Hello AN family, I was offered a RN NICU position in a level III Children's Hospital yesterday. I am so grateful and excited to finally have this opportunity. To all of those that are desiring a position in NICU, please don't give up, persistence and prayers is what did it for me and I'm sure will do the same for you.
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    I updated my NICU brainsheets and uploaded them again to the following storage site. Feel free to use them if you'd like.
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