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I have been reading over some posts on the topic on this forum today and wanted to start a thread to address several topics. I realize some of the posts I read were several years old and that the... Read More

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    I recently had a baby born to me while I was taking subutex. I didn't plan on getting pregnant. I was about to detox of my replacement therapy of suboxone. Alas, that was not to be. My baby needed no withdrawal medicine at all, we breastfed, and would have been out of the hospital by the mandatory 5 day stay, but stayed an extra day for jaundice treatment under the bilirubin light. I stayed with my son constantly. I knew that many people on replacement therapy don't try very hard, and I wanted to be a good example for hospital staff to remember about how some parents do care, and not every recovering addict is a monster. The roommate I had after moving to the observation floor didn't have a parent, period. I heard from staff that dhhs took away parental rights because of illegal drugs in the mother's system that weren't monitored or prescribed. That baby had been there for over a month. And was still being detoxed. My baby never scored higher than a seven, and by the fourth day was scoring zeros. The staff said it was because I did breastfeed. I still am, and love my bonding time with my baby while still on leave from my job. It can be done right.
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    The fact that the mother quit replacement therapy while pregnant is to me, more dangerous for the unborn child than the mother, and completely irresponsible. That child could have died before it had a chance to live. Every doctor I have spoken with, and all the research I have done would recommend stabilizing replacement therapy as opposed to quitting cold turkey. That was a long shot, my friend, amd could've had detrimental effects.

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