I made up my mind with regards to the NICU

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    For those of you who don't know me. I am a senior nursing student and I will graduate in May 2003. I decided to do my senior capstone in the NICU and hopefully I will get hired in the NICU when I graduate. Hopefully I will be able to do my capstone in the NICU.

    I am going to get one of the NICU textbooks some suggested on this board and start reading it during my winter break. We have four weeks off so I will start reading the book and studying for NCLEX as well.

    I am VERY excited about the area I decided on and hope that one day I will be REALLY good.

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    Good for you! Congrats and good luck!
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    Woot! Congrats Tonya! Godd luck to you!

    (and quit it with that "I hope I can" crap.....)


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    Go for it Tonya!

    As one single mother to another, I can tell you that I know how hard you are working.
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    Lots of luck to you........

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    Stick with the NCLEX stuff for now. Read the Merenstiens when you "relax" LOL! Good luck!
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    Good Luck Peaceful,
    I did the same thing you are doing and I am so glad I became a NICU nurse 1 week til I am off of orientation
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    Don't get the Merenstein and Gardner book for your break; get the 'Preemies' book mentioned in one of the other threads...I recommend this to anyone to start with. It is written for parents, but it's such a no-nonsense guide to the NICU that I *still* find it indispensible. ;>)
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    Merenstein and Gardner is still a good book to have.
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    I agree; However the Merenstein and Gardner book is geared directly for neonatal nurses and would not be the first place I would suggest that someone start. It is very detailed and may become overwhelming to someone who is not yet out of school. :>)

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