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For those of you who don't know me. I am a senior nursing student and I will graduate in May 2003. I decided to do my senior capstone in the NICU and hopefully I will get hired in the NICU when I graduate. Hopefully I will be... Read More

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    I decided not to get the Merenstein text for now. I am going to wait until graduation. I decided for now instead of trying to focus on so much at once I am going to focus on NCLEX during winter break. If I don't pass the NCLEX, I won't become a R.N. In the NICU so therefore NCLEX is more important right now. I am devising my NCLEX study plan right now. Next week the midyear annual student nurse convention will occur and the best part of all is the fact that it is in my city. I paid the $50.00 to go to the whole thing including the mini nclex workshop they will have for a day and a half. It is not like a kaplans review but it is still really good. My cousin went last year and she said it really helped her a lot.

    Kristi, I saw the preemies book at my local library the other day and I will check it out as a book to read for winter break.

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