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An e buddy of mine with a history of IUGR delivered twins 2 weeks ago at 34 1/7 weeks due to PROM. Both were fine, feeding, growing, some hyperbili. Well last week they both got septic and one was dead within 24 hours, the other... Read More

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    I tried it and the link works, much to my surprise. Scroll ~ 3/4 down page and it talks about neonatal infections.

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    I am now 35yrs old, but when I was born it was in January, in Chicago during the big blizzard of 1967. I was only 3wks old when I got very, very sick. Horrible bloody diarrhea. Wouldn't eat anything, was getting extremely dehydrated. My mom says that I looked like a racoon, I was so dark around my eyes. My mother called the doctor and found out that there were 3 other babies born at the same time I was who were sick like I was. (BTW, my mother said that what I had was actually a Staph infection of the bowel tract.) He told her what to do and my father had to walk a couple of miles through that blizzard to the pharmacy for my medicine because he couldn't get the car out of the driveway. My mom says that if I had not gotten better by the next day, the doc said that he was going to have my airlifted to the hospital.
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    Thanks for that link prmenrs. They did present with those symptoms, but they truely are non specific. I mean, what preterm infant doesn't have lethargy, poor feeding and jaundice?
    Karalea, isn't it funny now that we have a 24 hour drug store on every corner?!
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    Ooh my goodness! That is so tragic but unfortunately it happens. I took care of a premie he finally made it "out of the woods", totally on room air the whole bit. Some how started having respiratory problems and died! It was so sad I don't know if it was an infection they didn't forsee! My heart goes to the parents. It is such a day to day struggle to know your babies are in NICU it is a cruel nature of events when they get really bad. I am so scared for those premies I wash my hands a million times a night just to make sure I don't inadverently give them a thing. My prayers are with the family. I would definately would be pulling some medical records!!!!!!
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    I too am sorry to hear about your friend. This does not have to do with a premature baby but a baby that was full term and the mom came in because she had not felt the baby move. Sono showed fetal demise. This mom had no problems during preg. After del. the dr. who was shocked said just do swab cultures on everything. Well when doing these the cord was really long and so I cut the excess cord off and I dont know why but I just did a swab on the cord where I cut it. Later on our infection control person came to me and said why did you swab the cord and I said I dont know I just did. As it turned out the other cultures came back negative but the one on the cord showd Listeria.
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    Thanks all for the positive thoughts. Haven't heard from my friend in about a week but the surviving twin is doing remarkably well. In a OC and on RA. Still strikes me as crazy this all happened.
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    nice to hear the baby doing better seen it so many times before they get sick so quick. but every time it wrenches my heart out.

    We've got a baby in at the moment who was made sick from strep B in mums milk picked up pdq thank god cos we've come across it before mums now being treated and hopes to breastfeed when given the all clear but how do you get over that.
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    Our policy is to do CBC and blood cultures on all infants< 35 week gestation
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    Sorry to hear about your friends loss.

    See this thread re hospital infection rates---I didn't realize so high.


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