Hey Kristi!

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    Quit copying me !:roll

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    I just saw that, you weenie!!! Great minds think alike- that's all I have to say. Can we help it? Anne Geddes has the most amazing eye for beauty. I'm a total fan. Not to mention, it's hard to find preemie pics on the internet! Now hush up, let's all hold hands, and start the round of Koom-by-ya, alright? :>) You start...
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    There. I changed it. This one's just as cute. ;>) Better?
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    These tiny tots are too cute! One of the docs I worked with had Geddes prints in all her exam rooms. I love the ones of the babies in fields of flowers, I think they came from a calendar.
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    LOL!!!! I almost used that one! As a matter of fact I put it in my file!!! You are my psychic twin!
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    OHMYGOD, Butt wiper? ROFLROFLROFL I almost put that on MINE! Dawn, I have a sneaking suspicion that you're my sister. ;>)
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    Hope that's a drink! If so , I am there!
    I'd love to go to "Nawlens" but now with the kids, no job, no money.... Someday.

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