Goal for NICU preceptor to implement preceptor packet sample - page 3

hi ::confused: I need u help for how to implement plan, goal , asses ,objective , evaluation Because Iím new in this field (new preceptors )... Read More

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    I have a "check off list" with a number system 1-4 with "never happened on shift to excelled at task" and my preceptor goes down the list every now and again to make sure I experience it all (as much as we have) and that I can fly solo when the time comes. Perhaps just doing that?

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    Verbal Feedback from preceptee
    And we assess her the weakness and strength
    *Introduce all the nurses and doctors
    *Introduce all the areas of our unit , LR and OT
    *Introduce all policy and procedures manuals

    *familiarized with all machines

    *Introduce all the nurses and doctors areas of our unit , LR and OT policy and procedures manuals ,narcotics and checklist for the unit

    *Introduce all machines ,its functions and disinfection

    Review her previous experience in SCBU
    Orient to the ward

    Orient to the equipments
    Pulse oximeter Radiant warmer
    incubator Phototherapy
    ABG machine Ventilator
    NCPAP ECG machine
    Syringe pump Infusion pump
    Breast pump Neopuff
    Bilicheck Glucometer
    Blood warmer Milk warmer
    Portable ventilator Apnea monitor
    Cardiac monitor Suction(wall ,portable )
    Oxygen supply Portable ventilator
    O2 analyzer
    Introduction of the unit *
    (within 1-2week )
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