Expired Neonatal Resuscitation Program Certification

  1. I'm gonna keep this short and sweet. I am currently on maternity leave.

    My official return day is 2 weeks away. On Monday, I had a feeling that either my CPR or NRP cert was going to expire or already did. I called our unit admin, and sure enough, it's expired.

    Here's my ordeal. I cannot work on the floor till I'm re-certed. My return day is approaching before the offered NRP class. Which means I cannot return to work 2 weeks after my expected date.

    I spoke with my manager and she simply stated that I could Not work till I get my cert completed.

    During my maternity leave, it totally slipped my mind, I never thought about anything pertaining to work.

    Is this grounds for me to get fired? Should I expect that I will not have a job when I return?
    Help, your thoughts or experience please.

    -worried RN
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  3. by   brownbook
    Only your manager can give you the answer. It doesn't sound like she said your fired. Sounds like maybe you will be on ??? un-paid ???? leave for two weeks until you get your NRP?

    Every manager or hospital will handle it differently. Sure I guess you could get fired.....but hundreds if not thousands of nurses would be fired every year if this where the nation wide mandated policy. Everyone forgets their ACLS, CPR, PALS, NRP, etc. expired. And I've seen it handles hundreds of different ways. Never with the employee being fired.
  4. by   Esme12
    This happened to me with ACLS.....I told them they could pay for me to find a course outside of the hospital (which they have to pay for) or.....see you in two weeks. Suddenly they made an allowance
  5. by   catlover314
    Our HR dept has a housewide policy on mandatories, like BLS and NRP as well as licensure, and it clearly outlines the process for expired mandatories. Check your nursing or HR policies.
  6. by   NicuGal
    If we are on leave or know we are going to be on leave we schedule ourselves before we go out or right when we come back. We have a 60 day window where I work.