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Hi We use duoderm on top of the baby's skin as a base to fix other tapes onto ie prior to intubation fixation or NG/OG tubes. I've just been visiting a unit in Amsterdam and they have stopped... Read More

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    Quote from VivaLasViejas
    That's some pretty expensive "tape"...........
    Very true, but when you have a micro who bleeds from underneath her EKG leads and pretty much anywhere else you touch her, you do what you gotta do.
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    Quote from lvnurs9
    The only thing I don't like about duoderm is that when it becomes wet, it can cause skin breakdown underneath it. I have seen several occasions where the baby's saliva causes the duoderm to get wet and it just sits there forever.... when you take it off to retape or something, there is breakdown underneath from it being wet for days.
    Eww, and it smells like feet sometimes....
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    Not heard anything in the UK, and our Matron is bit news in the world of skin (apparently).
    We use duoderm under tape for ogt/ngt/nasal canula 02/skin probe tape, also over broken skin from heel pricks/extravasations/poor fitting stoma bags etc.
    It's pretty much our universal dressing. Only other dressing we really use is mepitel, usually on broken down (split) necks on grossly oedematous kids. you always know when a bbay is on its way out when it's covered in duoderm and mepitel.
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    I have previously worked as a Wound Management Consultant. Hydrocolloids are considered to stimulate overgranulation of tissue which might be what they are referring to. We use hydrocolloids as anchoring tapes for protection - they are considered safe and cause less dermal stripping to neonatal skin that traditional tapes providing they are allowed to remain in place for at LEAST 24 hours. We see our babies come back for follow up for years after and I cant say I have ever heard of one having facial skin problems related to the use of a hydrocolloid.

    Tapes straight on the face are just nasty.
    Does anyone use a different brand of hydrocolloid - I thought Duoderm had pretty much gone out with the ark and newer more evolved hydrocolloids had replaced them (eg. comfeel, smith and Nephew Brand). Duoderm is derived from Pectin (fruit starch) which is why it ends up being all gooey and sticky where as the other brands are now made from cellulose/water.

    They are not made to stay on areas once they have changed colour to a white area. We find that the use of them to make whiskers to provide a better seal for nasal prong CPAP is tricky. They become wet quite quickly and they are changed when this occurs. They are not suitable for use direectly under a dribbing mouth! I also dont like the idea of hydrocolloids over a heel prick..having a dirty foot with a blood drip on it with a stick to the skin would increase infection rate I presume.

    I LOVE Mepitel..it is a great dressing..wonderful for excoriated wet areas..a little expensive up front but worth it due to its effectiveness.
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    We very rarely use Duoderm. I have used it perhaps twice to make CPAP prongs larger when the size 5s just weren't large enough to make a seal, but that's it!
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    Olivereindeer, I think you are right....

    We use the Smith & Nephew brand which everyone calls "duoderm," but it is soft and rubbery, unlike the stiff, plasticky, body-heat-activated Duoderm I remember using on adult pressure ulcers.

    I'm sure we're using the cellulose version vs the pectin.
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    Over the last couple years we have started using something called Vigilon on skin tears and I LOOOOVE it. It really works nicely on say their legs or feet if they have little skin tears there from when they've rubbed. Or skin tears from a diaper, or tape. You can stick it under leads too without a problem even under temp probes or sat probes. It kind of has the consistency of Jello. And it does not get all Feety smelling like the duoderm.
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    We use the Vigilon, too. I it. It reminds me of a burn dressing. Super easy to work with, can be cut to size quickly, and holds with just a little webril.

    The BEST part, is that when it's time for a change, it just slides off. No hurting baby's healthy skin around the area.

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