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CPAP or DPAP - when and why?

  1. 0 I am curious as to which is used at other hospitals - CPAP, DPAP, or both - and when.
    I have heard that DPAP is more cost prohibitive, etc. Is this true?
    What are the factors in deciding whether you use CPAP or DPAP?

    In our hospital, we use CPAP only when intubated and when apnea is a really signifigant problem. Otherwise, it`s always DPAP, advancing to N-DPAP after extubation. We NEVER use CPAP once the baby has been extubated.

    Our NICU has a very low rate of chronic lung problems, and we almost never have babies go home on O2 or monitors. I am wondering if the CPAP/DPAP difference has anything to do with this. The head neonatologist just says "We use it because it works better, and is easier to wean off of", but I`d like to know a bit more!

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    OK, I've been gone too long! What is DPAP?
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    Okay I give too....I know what CPAP is , but what are the others?
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    I myself want to know more, but here is what I know now:
    While CPAP provides constant air pressure, DPAP is multi-level. It has a very low base pressure, but gradually ups the pressure when it detects a decrease in air intake. It supposedly stimulates more "normal" breathing patterns, but still prevents apnea. Sort of like CPAP that only comes on when you need it, and self adjusts the pressure to the what you need.
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    Is it like BiPAP? Never seen it.
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    We don't have that kind of technology here yet. It sounds like cycled CPAP but in SIMV mode. We either have regular NP-CPAP, cycled NP-CPAP, or Vapotherm.

    Sounds like a good idea!!!
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    We don't have DPAP either. We use nasal CPAP and are trialing vapotherms right now.