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Hi I am studying my Grad Dip at the moment and trying to get info on communication journals in nicu and also on ways that health professionals communicate with the parents of our patients in nicu. Anybody got any info or... Read More

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    I am a travel nurse & worked in many NICUs but none with such nice systems of communication as mentioned below. Usually care conferences were only set up at parental request or for babies with severe developmental problems or very complicated cases involving many specialties. Usually the bedside RN was the main line of contact with the parent & in my case I usually get the chart & tell the parent the new orders for the day. Then clarify the orders for the parent & answer any questions. Then I do a general review of the babies current condition. I always reassure the parents that if there are any major changes in condition I will call them. If it's been awhile since they spoke to their child's NNP/Neo I will ask them would they like to speak with them. I have been working NICU forever & I can tell you that in the last few years the Neos have become much more accesible to speak to parents. It used to be like pulling teeth to get them to come to the bedside to talk to parents but that has changed for the better.

    In the majority of places I have worked the bedside RN is the main communicator & the facilitator of communication with physicians & NNPs. Wow, that was a mouthful. Hope this helps.

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    I left Houston 2 weeks ago. Memorial Hermann had NICU level 3 positions posted. I believe Women's did also. The Medical Center just had a major shift of NICU nurses. Texas Children's hired a bunch of Memorial's level 3 RNs, then Memorrial hired a bunch of Women & Children's, but some of them changed their minds & went back. There may even be a position or 2 at Texas Childrens still as they are opening a new hospital with L&D,etc which they have never had before. This might be a good time to make that major location change.
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