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  1. Hi --

    Is anyone using a DVD to demonstrate basic baby care to NICU parents? We are looking to see what's available before we consider making one. This video would cover Bathing, handling, diapering, feeding and burping. Currently we offer a class but it covers so much additional material we would like to shorten it by offering the DVD to view at the bedside.
    Please reply with whatever your unit uses for this education.....
    thanks so much!!

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    Hey guys -- the management is really pushing me to see if there's a dvd being used out there or do we need to invest in making one. "Bumping" this once in hopes of some replies.
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    We made one on our unit. That way it mirrored our teaching sheets and used the materials we had on hand (our bottle/ nipple types, our baths, etc).
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    We do all this type of teaching via demonstration and hands on learning. I feel like a DVD might be valuable in normal newborn with the short length of stay, but since our babies are with us longer, we have ample opportunity to teach and observe. Our parents are old diaper change pros because they change them from the start. We sit with them the first times they bottle. Demonstrate cleaning the bottles. We demonstrate a first bath and try to give them opportunities to do baths prior to discharge. So, sorry...we don't use a DVD and in my honest opinion don't have a real need for this. Maybe it works in other units depending on your population and needs. Best of luck!
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    Thanks for the replies so far! --

    I did a google search first (I google everything!) and there are surprisingly few videos out there and most had mixed reviews. I had hoped to hear if people in other units were making their own, or if someone had already figured out *which* of the pre-made ones was best. We have a class that covers discharge info as well as baby care and of course we also do personal demonstrations, but we are finding that some parents aren't present enough or just are falling through the cracks on some of the bedside we are looking at an alternative way to provide the info.

    I like the idea of making our own....for those exact reasons you mentioned.....using our materials and sequencing it to go along with our other teaching. Did you just use someone's video camera or did the hospital have it professionally done and edited? We have discussed how we could make our own so if you have any other info on that, or any advice it would also be appreciated!

    thanks ! ~~ Spacey
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    It was just a regular video camera... nothing professional. I think someone edited it with iMovie.

    We get mixed reviews from people; a lot have no interest in watching. We of course do all the regular hands on teaching too but we wanted something for people who liked video. Plus they can keep it and watch it again at home if needed.