Anyone using PALS inthe NICU?

  1. 0 I am just wondering if many NICU nurses have taken PALS. We are not required to, but often keep babies in our NICU until they are several months old. We are also required to float to the pediatric floor. Wondering if PALS would be relevant/helpful in these circumstances. I believe NRP is technically intended for neonates up to 4 weeks old only, but we use it on all of our NICU patients regardless of age/corrected age.
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    We are neither required nor encouraged to take PALS.
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    We don't have to take pals...but after taking it m/yself I realized we pretty much follow pals guiudelines, we are not a delivery hospital, and while we rarely defib babies our compressions & code meds are basically the same used in pals, obviously we use less fluid in volume resusitation but the concepts are similar
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    We do not use PALS in our unit, and the concepts between NRP and PALS are similar. I remain certified in PALS and ACLS.
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    We do not deliver at our level IV NICU. We felt like it was pointless to maintain NRP certification since we never used it. We now are required to maintain PALS certification and feel that it applies to our unit much better.

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