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Hi everyone. I recently graduated with my BSN in May 2012 and passed my NCLEX on June 26th. I have been applying to jobs since April and finally got a call from the Nurse Manager of a level III... Read More

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    Thanks everyone for your advice and support. I'm happy to say that I have been offered a full-time night RN position on Labor & Delivery! It's the same unit where I did my Nurse Externship last summer and have been working as a PCA for one year. I am very excited about this position because I am passionate about OB and neonatology. I still get to work with newborns and if I decide that I still want to pursue NICU, I can always transfer later on after I get my few years experience in L&D.

    But I think everything worked out for the best because as a new graduate I feel more comfortable learning in an environment that I am already familiar with. I have gained a lot of knowledge and skill about L&D over the course of a year. I know all of the nurses and doctors on L&D and I get along great with staff. Everyone is so supportive of me and are telling me that they are excited that I will soon be joining their team.

    Good luck FilledWLove and WildcatFanRN, I'm sure you guys will get in NICU if you keep trying. If not, get the RN experience where you can, because as far as I'm concerned any experience is good experience. Everyone has to start somewhere.
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