Which NYC job offer would be the most adequate to accept in my situation?

  1. I recently graduated from nursing school with my BSN and passed my NCLEX first try! Hooray and thank God, I needed some divine intervention during NCLEX for sure.

    I have been looking for work and now have two interviews coming up. Both position very different from the other. I have a slight fear of being hired at both places at the same time (I know very unlikely but you just never know) so I want to be prepared to accept the best offer if that ends up being the case.

    The first interview is at a local hospital and if hired I would be a new nurse graduate entering into an orientation program for a medical surgical oncology floor. I met with the human resources department last week and a few days later got a call to come in for an interview. The interview won't take place until 2 weeks from now, bummer...

    The second upcoming interview is at an upscale dermatologist office, well known doctor, featured on TV and they are willing to train with assisting in minor procedures, etc...

    Question: I am currently single, live entirely by myself, have major loans, expenses, been unemployed for a while because of nursing school. If it came to choosing between both options I would consider the big picture, such as best chances of obtaining nursing experience, salary, benefits, etc... I feel a bit at a loss here, I don't yet have too much information but in your opinion which offer would you accept and why?
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  3. by   DoGoodThenGo
    Generally not in favour of putting one's proverbial cart before one's horse, but being as that may *I* would take the hospital position.

    Nothing against the fame and so forth of the dermatologist's practice it cannot compare to experience in an acute care hospital, especially for a new grad. Considering how many new grads in NYC are doing everything to get into a hospital I'd think twice about declining such an offer (if it is made) in favour of a physican's private practice office.

    Know a few nurses that work in "upscale" physican offices all over the Upper Eastside mostly plastic surgery. They like the work and the money/bennies along with not having nights weekends, or so forth; but these were seasoned RNs with a good amount of hospital experience behind them, and wanted something different.

    Do you best on each interview and see who makes an offer, then consider your options.
  4. by   skyheaven477
    Thank you, much appreciated. Yes I agree that I need to get experience and lots of it. I am going to continue looking for work at a hospital. Thanks again.
  5. by   thekidisback
    I would definitely take the med-surg/onc job if you want to build your skills. Good idea if you want to advance yourself later in your career. Dermatology office seems limited. You won't learn skills that you will get in the hospital. What dermatology office did you get an interview with? if you dont mind me asking....
  6. by   skyheaven477
    Thanks. It was a plastic surgery/ dermatology office here in nyc, the upper east side. That area is filled with those type of offices. Nothing against people who resort to plastic surgery and the like, I just feel l would like to use my skills to help someone in need and a hospital environment.
  7. by   dariah
    My first job was in an outpatient setting, and while I don't regret it, I think your situation lends itself better to hospital work now. It took me awhile to get a hospital job bc many managers seemed to look down on ambulatory work even though it is challenging in its own way. In the long run, med/onc exp will be good on your rsum, plus...OVERTIME!! I never got OT had my old job b. it was salaried.
  8. by   skyheaven477
    Thank you for your feedback. I am still trying to get that hospital job, but it is taking so long.
  9. by   NYCRN16
    If you are offered both jobs, I would take the hospital job over the office job any day. The experience in the hospital will allow you to land a job anywhere thereafter, and I bet you could work out a deal in time to maybe work per diem or part time with the dermatologist for extra cash. Besides, offices are not paying anywhere near what the hospital is paying, and with loans and bills, take the job which will pay you more. Nursing jobs in NYC are not easy to come by especially for new grads, so IMO its foolish to pass it up if its offered to you. I don't know this for a fact, but I suspect that a lot of these office jobs are not stable either, they could hire you and let you go just as fast. Good luck!