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I've never really heard much about it, but I have heard that LIU in itself is a good school?? is this true? please tell me what you know about the nursing program. how difficult is it to get into?... Read More

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    What schools would you recommend at this point. I really want to start my clinicals in the fall but most schools like Adelphi and Molloys nursing programs are closed for the fall.

    Any advice??
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    here is the facebook page for LIU nursing. please click on like it.
    LIU - School of Nursing (Brooklyn Campus)
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    I just took the Hesi this Saturday, June 16th and I'm trying to get my results but it keeps asking me for a department ID. Would anyone happen to know the ID? Thanks!!
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    Hi all i applied to LIU for Fall 2012 for the 2 years programs haven t hear anything from them . did anyone got accepted already for fall 2012 the 2 years program? i have an associate degree in applied science and most prerequisite. do they wave my prerequisite since i have an associate degree?
    please also what is the procedure for scholarship?
    thanks for your help
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    I'm hoping that someone can answer this but I'm going for 15 month accelerated track and the school told me that the minimum science GPA overall is a 3.0, and mine dont add up to 3.0, but none are less than a c+, should i still consider applying? or is that set in stone?

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