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    <I lived in Wurtsboro, >

    And didnt you just love the Emporium??? I vacation in Wurtsboro but never knew anyone else who ever heard of the place. Except Jerry Seinfeld who mentioned it in one epsiode.

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    Yes I liked the Emporium a lot. In fact, I was a new mom then, and I'd push my baby daughter down the streets on a daily basis, because it was such a nice place, and it gave me some exercise and some fresh air.
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    I love the Emporium....I especially love to shop there around the holiday season...it just really puts me in the mood and drives of the Bah! Humbugs!! How very cool that I have run into folks that used to live in the area. If anyone is coming up this way, I'd love to meet for coffee if anyone is interested that is
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    Hi Untamedspirit,
    Do you live in Wurtsboro? I'm afraid I Won't be visiting anytime soon, because I'm disabled and am on o2 24/7. I watched a July 4th fireworks show when I lived there though, and it was pretty neat.
    I'd like to be updated on the area though. I havn't been through Wurtsboro in over 7 years. I always liked that little town with its tree-lined streets. Why don't you send me a PM, I'm open for discussion.
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    Live in Monticello, Frances......a stone's throw away from Wurtsboro.......Where in PA do you live now?? My hub and I have friends out toward Lake Lehman (sp).
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    I know Monticello very well. In fact, I used to work there, and have taken so many trips there I probably wouldn't be able to count them.
    So you work at what used to be called, "CGH?" I've heard it has a new name now. If so, what department?
    I was a member of the Neversink Ambulance Corps for 15 years, the only EMT for 10 of them, a CPR and Basic First Aid instructor, and a delegate to the County Ambulance Association for 10 years.
    I don't know if you know about it or not, but I was also employed at the Gershowitz Bus company as a driver, and kept all 135 employees up to date on their Basic First Aid, CPR, and OSHA regulations.
    Some days got so busy I just focused on the tasks I had to do for that day.

    I moved to State College PA, right in the middle of the state, where the main campus of PSU is located. In fact, our county's name is, "CentreCounty."
    I went to nursing school after moving here, then after graduation I had an anaphylactoid reaction to Niacin, but was able to get my license, and I currently get around in my handy dandy custom made electric wheelchair, accessorized with an eggcrate air cushion, a holder for my o2 tank, and even a horn.
    I may be down, but I'm definitely not out.
    I have written my autobiography, lots of poems, and currently finished writing a new praise song. I also keep updated on the latest info in nursing, reading 3 different nursing journals front to back.
    In fact, I currently have written proof about what I was talking about as to the cause and condition of my current status, proving my PHP wrong when I asked him to keep me informed about it . He disagrees with me as to the cause of some of the things that are wrong with this decrepid ole' bod, but my mind and my sense of humor remain intact. And best of all, I'm happy!
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    Oh Frances.....

    I cut my teeth in nursing at CGH now known as Catskill Regional Medical Center. I worked 5 East A&B (I hear that they closed 5Ea down with the down sizings) I also did frequent floats into ICU/CCU......I will say this...that experience taught me how to fly by the seat of my pants, think on my feet and showed me the need for patient advocatesy(sp).....it also showed me the true value of my nursing license when by lack of proper staffing I was injured on the job and almost had my nursing career taken from me.....however, I pursevered, was let go because I did not come back from medical leave fast enough and now work down at West Point in the hospital there on base as a civilian RN. Inbetween those 2 jobs...i did a trial run working for the ARC at Bennet House in Liberty.....Girl, let me tell you, after 2.5 weeks.....I discovered that it was not for me and made a hasty retreat.

    Gershowitz Bus is still alive and functioning fully.......and my daughter is a member of the Monticello Vol Ambulance Corp.....she has just started her EMT training (just turned 18 at the end of August) and is talking of pursuing her Paramedic training.

    Sounds like you were busy woman when you were here. And I have an idea of where youare in PA now. PA is nice country, too.

    It is good to see that you keep current and don't let your health problems get you down. I have found that if we as the patients do not keep on top of our health problems, the PCP will just march right over you......So kudos to you for writing articles and researching your problem and so talented to write poetry and songs........email me sometime if you wish. It would be great to add another "pen pal" to my list
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    Hi Untamedspirit. Did you receive my PM?
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    Yes, ma'am I did.........Hope you recieved my email response.
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    HI Untamedspirit
    I checked my email messages, and I didn't see your reply. Anyway, I've been off my computer for over a week due to my malfunctioning hardrive. So since3 we live very close to Best Buy, my son-in-law picked my up a, "Dude, you're gettin' a Dell." The price was excellent, and he also bought a 19 inch modem with lots of extra features.
    A couple days later, he installed my old hardrives too. so now I have all kinds of space. woo, hoo!


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