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    Quote from 04/04/1950's
    HI Fran,
    I spent part of my childhood in Gilboa NY. I've lived the last 20 years in Delaware county and right now I'm in Andes! Couldn't believe I saw Stamford.
    I worked for Larry Rockefeller in Lew Beach for a number of years.
    Right now I want to get back into nursing. Can you tell me a little about where you worked in Sullivan County?
    Thanks so much.
    Claudia, sometimes I'm ignorant, sometimes I'm absent-minded, and sometimes I'm just plain stupid. Today I pick number 3. I'm sooo sorry. I ignored you completely. Sullivan County is located in Neversink, Liberty, Monticello, Narrowsburgh, Glen Spey, Callicoon, and Grahamsville. I worked 2 1/2 years as a nurses aide. But I truly don't recommend the place. Although I lived there for 50 years, most of it was raising my girls and when I grew up. Although some areas are very picturesque, Sullivan County is not a good place to live. There's no access to the necessary facilities people need, including hospitals. There's only one there, and it's overcrowded with people in the summer.

    If you want to live in New york, I would recommend farther upstate than Sullivan County where there are larger hospitals and more of them.
    I know I'm happy where I am now. I moved to State College, PA over 10 years ago, and my life changed for the better. Even the lottery funds go for senior services, and there are a lot of freebies for seniors too.

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    Do you have any idea about NY Nclex application? Do you have to pass the local board exam first or you have to be be licensed NUrse here in the philippines first before you can apply for NEWYORk NCLEX? pls? i badly need your advice?

    or can I endorse later to New York or California if i'll choose New mexico as my initial licensure? How long would it take for me to endorse to other state if my initial licensure is in New Mexico? thanks!
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    new rn from brooklyn
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    Hi all from Binghamton, NY

    I was born in Brooklyn, lived in NH and MA and came back here for school (not in nursing), stayed here in Binghamton and then became a nurse.

    Looking forward to "meeting" all of you.
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    Hi! I'm a new nurse here barely a year and i signed up to work as a nurse however, since the workplace i've been in opened up I worked as a CNA. Employer said that they can't find enough CNAs that's why we have to do this job. I don't have anything against CNAs,actually i respect the kind of hardwork they do but i just didn't study and signed up to work like so. I want to work as a nurse,because that's what i am. Recently, my employer gave us a paper to sign that says we are agreeing to work as Aides until such time that they can get them(its almost 4 months and we only have about 6 to 10 aides in all shifts for 7 days) w/c we are not sure until when. I don't feel so comfortable signing something like that since its not written in the contract that i signed originally. Please advise,especially those who have been here in USA for sometime. I never had to work this hard in my country, we have orderlies there. I just thought that there's better delegation here but my current experience is telling me otherwise. Thanks in advance for your advise.
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    Just wanted to say hello to everybody. Currently I live in the East Harlem section of NYC. I'm a writer who focuses on health issues, including nursing. Any nurse/writers in this forum? Or just writers who write about nursing?

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    Hi there all you current New Yorkers. I lived there for 54 years, but was inaccessible to nursing, so I moved to State College, PA, graduated fourth in my class, and received a perfect attendence award, and then I got really sick.
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    hai its tinku soon going tobe in new york long islands can u tell me more on this place
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    Are there any RNs out there who attended PACE university in NYC---the accelerated BSN? Can it be completed in a year (with the prereqs already completed)?

    I have a BA and MA in non-nursing field, if i have the prereqs completed, how long would the BSN at Hunter take to complete?


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