Wagner Fall 2013 ABSN - page 6

I just submitted my application, anyone else looking into this program? Wondering how much they weigh TEAS scores vs. GPA vs. experience?... Read More

  1. by   ahavayoga
    hey all.
    for those of you that want to pre order the text books cheap, go to the page for the wagner college book store and click on the link for textbooks.
    find the classes and sections you're registered for, get the book list, and search on amazon.

    the medical dosage and calc book i got on abebooks.com
    the book here is the only one i could not find for cheap:

    [FONT=proxima_nova_ltlight]i HIGHLY recommend getting them cheap now and not waiting until last minute, as the prices they list at the bookstore are ridiculous.
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  2. by   ahavayoga
    about the Facebook page- can you send a link? it may be private so i cannot find it.
  3. by   vkolemba
    For the Facebook page just look up 'Wagner College ABSN Fall 2013' and you should find it without a problem.
  4. by   ahavayoga
    hey. maybe it is a private group. it is not coming up in the search. at all.
    try setting the group to public or taking off by invite only if that is the current setting and ill check tomorrow.
  5. by   vkolemba
    I had it set to private but it said people can see the group they just can't see the posts if you're not a member of the group. Not sure why you couldn't find it. I changed it to public so hope you can now.
  6. by   ahavayoga
    It still doesn't come up but I think word will get around once the program starts. We are all going to get connected I'm sure.
  7. by   vkolemba
    I really don't know what to tell you because it's changed to public so now anyone can find it. You must not be looking right then. Try to look for it in groups rather than just typing it in to the search box.
  8. by   ao710
    hi i'm planning starting wagner's 15 mo nursing program this fall. is there any advice you guys have? do you like the program? what are the good and the bad parts of it?

    and I'm always looking into living off campus do any of you know a good area to get an apartment?
  9. by   jnisman91
    Hey guys, I am thinking of applying the accelerated program at Wagner.. I currently have a 3.6 GPA and am worried that it is not good enough.. Any feedback?