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    Hey guys I am new to this site, i have been trying to into RN school forever, so I decided to take the LPN route and work my way up. So i applied to BOCES in Dix hills, best care in Jersey and VEEB, i really WANT VEEB. Can anyone give me pointers on their entrance exam. i am really really poor in math and i even some times get anxity during math exams, but my life depends on this exam and program. I need help on how to study, what study guide to use. Any grads from 2010 program any suggestions, the test is in ending of this month and boces exam is march 12
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    moved to the NY Nursing Programs Discussion forum
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    Please type VEEB in the search box on will find many threads on the school. I don't want someone to overlook THIS thread and you miss out on valuable information. Best of luck on the exam!!
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    Thank you akanini, I feel like no one sees my posts on this site
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    If a great number of people pass the exam, how does VEEB choose who will start the program in September? Do they choose the candidates with the top scores? or who can make the first tuition payment?
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    To those who are alums of the VEEB LPN program, what were the hospitals you did your clinical rotation at? Did clinicals also take place in nursing homes?

    Secondly, regarding references, are they supposed to be professional references (work, previous school) or could they be personal too (friends)?

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    Professional references. I did my clinical rotations at Queens Hospital, Nassau University Medical Center, Nassau Extended Care Facility and Peninsula Nursing Home. ALL Lpn schools will send you to the nursing home because there's were MOST LPNs start out .
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    hello missciva try this book "Master the Nursing School and Allied Health Entrance Examinations"... i am interested in veeb also when are you taking your test?
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    Hey guys I am new to this site. I just sent in the references. They sent me a letter because one letter wasnt on Job Letterhead. I dont think they understand how hard it is get that if you are not in that position. I havent heard yet from them. so until then I wait
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    PS I did find the Veeb book list and have purchased a few books to get a head start.A lot of those books can be found on other websites at a reduce price 25-35% lower

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