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    I just got accepted into U of R's accelerated bachelors nursing program. Just wanted to start a thread to see who else is going there!
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    congrats! i also received my acceptance packet last friday, but have been going crazy trying to decide since ive applied to a few other programs as well but wont find out until after rochester's reply deadline!

    do you know how big the class is?
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    I just got accepted to the UofR nursing program also. Are you going to start this may??

    And as for the first reply to your post, there will be 100 students in the program.
    Are you nervous and excited?? I'm a little bit of both.

    I also got accepted to other programs, what ones are you interested in?
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    Congrats to all of you on getting accepted into the ABPNN program! I wish you all the best of luck!

    I recently came across U of R's ABPNN program on the website and I'm really interested in it. I'd love to know what U of R is really looking for in an applicant. If you could provide me with any information about why you think you got accepted (GPA, experiences...), about the admission process, about the program, etc..I'd really appreciated it!! Thanks in advance!

    If you'd like to PM me that would be wonderful as well!
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    I also got in! Does anyone have some advise on where to live? I have to somehow move myself all the way from Seattle and I'm feelin' pretty apprehensive about it. I feel like time is just flying by!
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    Congrats on your acceptance Saraphin. I am currently in the program and will be done in May. I will encourage you to take a look at rustic village apartments in Brighton and it is about 10 mins drive with traffic to school. Let me know if you have any other questions.
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    Hi everyone. This is my very first post =). I will also be attending this coming May. Still looking for a place to live :/. Does anyone know if there is a website specifically for students? I will be coming all the way from CA! Where is everyone else from?
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    Hey Lvu333 it's nice to know I'm not the only one coming from the west coast (Seattle). I'm in the same boat you are. I'm finding it hard to find a place to stay that's near the school, is cheap and looks nice. There are lots of possibilities on craigslist and the Rochester apartment listings, I would just feel better seeing the apartments in person. I plan to make the 4 day trek leaving April 24th and will hopefully find something soon after I get there. The only thing that's really freaking me out is how to pay for tuition/living expenses. Do you know how long it takes to get a loan and actually have the money in hand?
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    Hi Saraphin. I spoke to the financial aid office and they told me that if you applied for FAFSA, the aid packet should be sent out as early as next week. This will consist of a summary of what financial support has been offered to you. But the office also told me that I was suppose to not only file one for 2009-2010, but one for 2008-2009 as well because we start in May and there is an overlap. I don't know if you knew that because I didn't. I don't know when you would actually get the money but Dan Abbott is the financial counselor for the nursing students so you might want to contact him. I'll probably give him a call sometime next week, too. His email is and the # to reach him is through the Finaid office 585-275-3226. If I find out anything else, I'll let you know!

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    I might be the only guy in the class. You are correct. I spoke with Mr. Abbot last week and he directed me to complete 08/09 FAFSA. Did you receive any awards/scholarships? I didn't receive any.

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