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I just got accepted into U of R's accelerated bachelors nursing program. Just wanted to start a thread to see who else is going there!... Read More

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    thats very true...i mean my grades are decent i had a hard major (Biology). Its just that it seems like evryone applying has medical school grades..dont mean to offend anyone just that every one that ive met so far seem to be perfect...Well ive read somewhere that they take in consideration the course difficulty rather than the grade....they rather see a B in genetics than an A in intro to art..ive also spoke to my schools advisors and they did say its competitve however its not all they look at....which nursing school are you attending?

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    I'm in the University of Rochester's accelerated nursing program. I know they don't just base their acceptance on grades because I applied with a sociology major with only so-so grades, but I worked in a hospital for 2 years and I had a really good interview. Grades are important, but they're not everything. A person's ambition to be in the nursing profession counts for a lot.
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    Just reading some of your replies....and as a graduate of the ABPNN program in 2006 I just wanted to let you all know that you have chosen a great program. It can be a bit challenging at times, but well worth it in the end! Good luck to everyone!
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    Hi Everyone!
    I actually have a phone interview for U of R tomorrow. Any last minute advice from any students/former students? Just wondering what to expect, and forgot to check this board until today! I'm definitely excited about the interview...U of R is my top choice right now.
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    Hi! I have an interview with U of R and I was wondering if anyone could offer any insight
    on what to expect?
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    I had my phone interview last week. There wasn't much to it, about 20 minutes. I was asked what I've been doing and how I came to want to be a nurse. That was really the only question, and we started talking from there. I did have some questions prepared, so that was helpful. At the end, she explained the rest of the admissions process. Not too stressful an interview. Although I'm not sure what might differ if you have an in-person interview. Anyways, good luck!
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    Thank you so much yogarose. I am extremely nervous. I know the selection process is going to be tough. I hope I have a shot! Good luck to you too!
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    Quote from Ken02
    Just arrived in Rochester this evening. Anyone else around? Maybe we can meet before the classes start on Tuesday. I live on Elmwood Ave, and its not bad at all.
    to Ken02, I have been reading your posts on U of R and see you got in an started. I wanted to ask about your experience so far if you wouldn't mind sharing. I have an interview soon, and wanted to ask you about how yours went and if you have any advice to offer. Thanks in advance
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    Hi ! I have my interview in August.
    Does anyone know how long until decisions are sent out?

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    Quote from sanyo729
    Hi ! I have my interview in August.
    Does anyone know how long until decisions are sent out?

    Hi. I think they are sending out decisions in September. Seems like forever!
    Good Luck!

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