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I just got accepted into U of R's accelerated bachelors nursing program. Just wanted to start a thread to see who else is going there!... Read More

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    Hey Guys,

    I was just wondering if anyone got accepted to the May2010 yet? I just got a call today, Jan 18, regarding an interview. I wasn't sure exactly when they'll let us know of our acceptance? The administrator told me February, but I'm not too sure. Do you guys happen to know of a specific date?


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    Yes, some of us have been admitted already. If you look back over the last few pages of the thread, you can get a feel for things. But from what many of us have been told, it sounds like they'll still be notifying throughout the month of February.

    Good luck on your interview!
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    Hi!! I just got my acceptance letter into the May 2010 class!! I'm so excited! I was super excited for the first 2 hours then a sense of dread came over me as I realized how much I have to take out in the way of loans!! YIKES!!! But now I'm back to excited and trying to rationalize my decision!! How are you guys dealing with that thought? I knew the program was expensive but that little green sheet that shows the costs gave me a slight panic attack. When is everyone moving to Rochester? I can't wait to meet everyone!! Wow this post has a lot of exclamation points!

    Oh and for people who haven't heard yet...I interviewed December 15th and didn't put in my application until the deadline. I don't know if that helps, but I was so nervous when I saw other people had already been accepted and I thought for sure I didn't get in. As others have said, I also heard that the process will go into February. Good luck to everyone!
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    Congrats Lindsey!

    I haven't figured that stuff out yet either. I guess my next step will be to make a trip up to Rochester and look around...
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    Thank you! Congrats to you too!!! And congrats to everyone else! I am still floating. I wonder how long it will take for it to sink in Is it May yet??
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    Congratulations Lindsay! I actually interviewed on 12/17 and I've been hoping they contact me soon. I really don't have much hope anymore about getting in, but I did apply to other schools. At this point, I really just want to hear from them- whether rejection, wait list, or whatever, just so I can move on and be done with it.
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    Hey everyone...I've tried posting a few times, but for some reason my browser always lets me down! I had originally applied to start in January, but it looks like I'll be joining those of you that have been and will be accepted for start in May! I'm so completely excited and I absolutely can not wait for the first day of classes to roll around!!! There's so much good stuff to look forward to, it's really very exciting. I'm really glad to hear that more people are in and getting things together...I too am very nervous regarding the cost, but I figure I have to take it all in stride and the end will totally justify the means.

    For out-of-towners, I've been living in Rochester for the past 6 or so years, used to be a Long Island native...but I'm officially here and am more than happy to help answer questions that anyone might have. I really can't wait to meet some new faces and just dive into everything...just a few more months!

    For everyone else waiting to hear a final reply I wish you all good luck!
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    Hey everyone, I am also starting in May 2010. I am so excited and can't wait to meet everyone. Does anyone know if there is a facebook group for the ABPNN May 2010 students?
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    I really don't know if there's a group or not, but congrats to you, and to NoChip, and anyone else I may have missed

    Well done!
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    Has anyone been rejected yet? I Interviewed in November and have yet to hear back. When I looked back through my notes from the interview I saw that the interviewer told me they would let me know before the end of January. When I look through the blog I see that people who interviewed a month after me have been accepted. If they process the applications in the order they were received I should have already been accepted or rejected.....Right? Did i get lost in the shuffle?

    For those of you have been accepted:
    How long have you been given to accept the admissions offer?
    what is the deposit?

    Thanks a lot guys!

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