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I just got accepted into U of R's accelerated bachelors nursing program. Just wanted to start a thread to see who else is going there!... Read More

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    Ken, you won't be the only guy in the class. Has anyone heard an update from Paul on the "social" Tuesday/Wednesday before classes start? And was anyone besides myself planning on going?

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    Hi and congratulations to everyone who has been accepted. I recently contacted UoR to inquire as to why they allow the prereqs to be taken online (A&P, Micro etc) without a lab. They said it's just how they do it. I honestly don't understand that. I have researched a zillion schools and they all say a lab is required. Some even make a point of stating that an online science class would not be accepted. In any case it's very attractive to me that I can take prereqs online. Do you know of any other schools that allow this also?

    Also, for those of you who have been accepted, do you mind telling me a little about your scholastic history i.e. gpa, previous coursework taken etc. I called and they stated the Jan 2010 class was extremely selective as it will be their first January class and they want it small. She pretty much shut me down there implying that I wouldn't get in.... My GPA is 3.65. Do they only want the 4.0 or better? Just wondering.
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    I'm really interested in Rochester's accelerated program. I am considering applying for January 2010. I was wondering if any accepted students could provide me with some of their credentials. I'm wondering if I have a shot of getting in. I have a 3.96 cumulative GPA for my undergraduate degree (psych), almost 2 years of experience in a hospital. I'm currently completing pre-requisite sciences this summer, but so far I have an A in microbioloy and an A in anatomy I. ANY HELP would be tremendously appreciated!! Thanks so muchh

    *PM me if you would like to share info that way Thanks again
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    I forgot to mention. I have my LPN and have worked as a LPN at a hospital in Wisconsin for a while. I want to get my RN now, so was told an accelerated program would be the best.

    Also, my undergrad work was from about 5 years ago.. does that matter? The only pre-req class left to take is atanomy 2 and chemistry, which i'm taking at community college here in wisconsin.

    Also are there any guys in the problem? I'm a male career-changer.

    Thanks again
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    Just arrived in Rochester this evening. Anyone else around? Maybe we can meet before the classes start on Tuesday. I live on Elmwood Ave, and its not bad at all.
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    Sanyo729 - That sounds like you have a good shot of getting in. I met with the Admissions Director a couple months ago and I have similar stats (minus the LPN) and she sounded positive. She also said that the interview is definitely key, but if you're already an LPN I'm sure you have the personality of a nurse! I'll be applying for January as well...just got into NYU, but have to factor all of the financial issues. I have family in Rochester, so it's sounding very appealing :spin:

    One thought- are there any LPN to RN programs that would be faster? It sounds like you're already 2/3 of the way there and might be repeating some information/classes. I don't know though. I only have my BA (in linguistics) and no nursing experience at all...just social work and some volunteer I definitely need the whole aBSN program.

    Good luck!
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    does anyone know the travelling from brooklyn, new york to Univ. of Rochester by car or by train? and how long is the traveling for both: car and trains?
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    Quote from kwanee
    does anyone know the travelling from brooklyn, new york to Univ. of Rochester by car or by train? and how long is the traveling for both: car and trains?

    By car it is about 6 hours, I lived in Brooklyn and visited my now husband in Rochester every 3 weeks. I also took the train Amtrak a few times and depending on which train you take it varies. If you get the one that leaves at 7am & 1:20 pm Penn Station it is 6+ hours maybe 6.5. The one that leaves at 10am & 3:45pm are both 7 hours. That is just to downtown and add 15-20 minutes to reach U of R.

    Hope that helps
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    Hello all

    i am thinking of applying to UR for 2010 start...i meet all the requirements graduated with a 3.04 in biology from CUNY and have finished my pre requistes with a u guys think i have a shot at getting in...??
    im really nervous and so scared that i wont get accepeted...
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    I didn't have the best grades ever either and I was deathly afraid of not getting in to a nursing program. I finally realized that you just have to put yourself out there. If you don't apply you'll never know, so I say give it a shot! It worked out for me.

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