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I just got accepted into U of R's accelerated bachelors nursing program. Just wanted to start a thread to see who else is going there!... Read More

  1. by   malapata
    Quote from CaliforniaHopeful
    I too was accepted today. No phone call...just a large envelope in the mail.

    Is anyone accepted to the AMPNN? I'm in the FNP specialty...
    Hi, California Hopeful! I was also accepted to the AMPNN FNP specialty and would love to talk to you about the program. I'm also in California. Reply here or send me and email if you have time. I am wondering if you were told about the option of working for one year at Strong Hospital after completing the BSN. The person who I interviewed with said that this was a way to complete the Master's portion free (because the whole program is so expensive).

    Hope to hear from you or anyone else out there who is entering the AMPNN program!
  2. by   DOH85
    Hey malapata and California Hopeful,

    Congratulations to the both of you! I was accepted into the AMPNN PNP specialty. I am super excited, but my concern is housing. Have you guys started looking or are any of you familiar with the area and apartments near campus?

    Hope to hear from you soon
  3. by   malapata
    Hi DOH85!
    Aside from a few quick glances at craigslist, I have not looked into housing yet. It looks really affordable though (especially coming from San Francisco ). Where are are you moving from?

    I sent in my deposit, but am actually still waiting to hear back from a couple of other schools. Rochester sounds like a good school but my concern is cost. Have you heard anything about students taking a year off after completing the BSN to work at Strong? The person I interviewed with told me that this was a way to earn the Master's portion for free, as tuition reimbursement was one of the benefits of working at the hospital. However, when I checked Strong's website it said that employees were only eligible for 2 free credits/semester.

    What other schools did you apply to? What are some of the good things you've heard about Rochester?

    Oh! There is also a U of R group on facebook called the "University of Rochester APNN Network". It looks like a lot of the people on there are from the area, so you might have a good chance at learning more about neighborhoods that way.

    Hope to hear from you!
  4. by   Xtina2010
    Hey malpata!

    I am from SF too, living sort of between inner sunset and cole valley right now...what about u?

    I am in sort of the same boat as you...still waiting to here from CU Denver, which won't happen til April! Where else are you waiting to hear back from? Have you visited Rochester yet? I still need to make a trip out there...I was trying to hold off til the snow calmed down a bit!
  5. by   malapata
    Hey Xtina, I live in the Russian Hill/Nob Hill area near Polk Street. We probably were in some pre-requisite classes together...haha!
    I have not visited Rochester yet and am generally unfamiliar with upstate NY. I have lived in Brooklyn and Providence, RI so I've felt those cold winters although I hear it's worse in Rochester!
    I'm waiting to hear back from UCSF, Seattle U, SUNY and U of Hawaii, Manoa. April is a long way away! I'm hoping to hear from everyone by March.
    Are you in the BSN or BSN to Master's program at Rochester?
  6. by   Xtina2010

    I'm in the BSN program, but if it goes well, I am considering the Acute Care NP program...I can't wait to learn more about it. Good luck on hearing from the rest of your schools...that would be awesome if you got into UCSF...their program looks amazing!
  7. by   malapata
    Good luck to you as well, Xtina!
  8. by   CaliforniaHopeful
    Hey malapata and DOH85!!

    Woohoo! We are in for the AMPNN!! I'm located in South San Francisco/Daly City area. It's so wonderful that there are so many bay area people in this thread. And yes, malapata, I did hear about the Strong Hospital option. It is very tempting, but I really don't want to leave home for that long and so I don't think I will do it...still who knows, I may change my mind. I haven't looked at housing options just yet. I'm still waiting on a couple of schools, one being UCSF. But even if UCSF does not work out, I am still debating between Rochester and Columbia. Haven't really made my decision yet. I think both schools are great.
  9. by   Tiffany519

    i was accepted into the ampnn program as well. i'm in the pnp with pediatric behavioral health specialization program. =)

    after i was accepted, i spoke with the director of admissions about the cost (because one might say i freaked out just a little bit!) and about working at one of the hospitals. this is what she said:

    well, we have two university hospitals (you could google them to find out more) - strong memorial hospital is the big one across the street from us (e.g., has a 52- bed nicu) and they ask you to work for 1 year, and then your tuition benefits kick in (2 courses in fall, 2 in spring and 2 in summer with no restriction on the number of credit in each course - and that is good since ms courses are heavy-credit courses when you get to clinicals). the other smaller hospital, highland hospital, about 5 minutes away, starts the benefit right away upon employment (same benefit) but asks you to work there 2 years after completing whatever degree they finance. there is no money upfront - you have a waiver your nurse supervisor signs. one caveat is there is no guarantee that you would get a job, although they do like our apnn grads and many grads do get a job every year. students usually either apply to abpnn and take off anywhere from a year to a few years, or they apply to the ampnn and plan to go straight through. it depends on whether time or money is the bigger priority.

    later she said that if i was thinking about working at strong after graduating from the abpnn program, then i should ask to be switched into that program.

    hope this is helpful!

  10. by   malapata
    Good luck on your decision, California Hopeful. I'm sure Columbia is an excellent school. Let us know what you decide!

    Tiffany, Thanks so much for the information! Are you thinking of working after completing the BSN? I think that is what I would do even though it would take longer because I still am paying off loans from previous studies and I don't feel like adding on another $100k. Do you know what I mean? Are you in the Rochester area or will you be moving? I'm in SF right now.

    It's great hearing from all of you guys! This is an exciting time.
  11. by   DOH85

    I see that Tiffany 519 answered the question wonderfully about the tuition reimbursement options. That is surely more than I knew. haha! By the way Congrats Tiffany519. To be honest, the costs are definitely crazy, but I kind of feel the same way that CaliforniaHopeful feels in terms of not wanting to be away from home for too long, so I have not really thought too deeply about it. Although, I think it is a great option considering tuition costs.

    I am from Maryland, but it is amazing to see so many people from California on here. I am still weighing my options between UR, Columbia, and I am still waiting to hear from University of San Diego, but UR just seems to have so much more to offer me and meets more of my needs. I know UCSF has a great program, and I wish I added that school to my list too. A lot of people from my job who are from Rochester and people I meet in the Maryland/Washington, D.C. area speak so highly of UR. They talk about how great of a medical facility they have and how their programs in the health professions are exceptional. It was amazing to hear the responses I got when I told them I was accepted into their program.

    Yes, you are right, housing costs look wonderful! In regards to the group on facebook, I did join the group so that was very helpful. Anyways, good luck with your decision! I guess we will all be keeping each other up to date on here
  12. by   YogaRose
    Congrats to everyone who has gotten in to the program for May! I'm in the class that just started in January. I haven't had much time to read anything on this page in a while, but if anyone has any questions, I would be happy to answer what I can. As you can imagine, things have been almost nonstop since we started. Don't worry though...we have gone out to dinner a few times, gotten together for glasses of wine, and gone shopping!

    I was actually posting here about housing. I used the UR off-campus housing board to find my apartment. Craigslist might also be a good choice, but I didn't see as many options walking distance to the school. I do have a couple friends who are renting rooms in an apartment a couple blocks from school. One student is graduating in May and the other 3 are in my cohort. They will have 2-3 rooms open in May, I think, and would prefer students who are in the APNN program. I don't know if I can receive messages through here, but if I can, I can give my friend's email or phone number to anyone who is interested.
  13. by   malapata
    DOH85, That's really great to hear that people hold UR's program in such high regard. Thanks very much for sharing that with us.
    I guess we'll know soon enough where we'll all end up! It sounds like there is a nice group of people who are at least considering attending the program at Rochester.