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Is anyone in here trying to get into the Molloy BSN program in fall 2013.I am so stressed about this deadelines I sent my application and transcript two days ago now I am just waiting to see what... Read More

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    Hey was your overall gpa for molloy and was there and entrance exam?
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    As far as going from BSN to Dual Degree, you just have to talk to an advisor and they will give you an interview and take it from there. One of my classmates I took a summer class with over the summer did this. Summer classes were full time (I took pharm 1, patho, and fundamentals (the first clinical class) )...... this is a very large course load. I did this while working 2 days a week at a hospital. 2 days of working a week may not seem like much, but it is WAY too much while taking summer classes. It was an insane amount of information spaced out over 2 months. I got through it though and I am sure you will.... you just have to realize you will have almost no free time. Taking summer classes is definitely worth it though to shave 1 semester off school.

    I like the nursing program overall. Some of the advisors are nasty miserable human beings but thankfully I don't have to deal with them anymore since I basically know the gist of the program at this point. I love almost every professor I have had thus far. Some of the Nursing professors at Molloy are extremely intelligent, more so than some doctors out there! They are willing to help you but just watch out for some of them. Use when you register for classes.

    Overall even though the school is very expensive.... it is one of the best nursing schools on Long Island and I feel as though I've learned so much in the past two years: it amazes me!

    Good luck.
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    My GPA was 3.3 when I applied. As far as an "entrance exam" there is a 20 question math test as I said earlier and a reading/vocab test.
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    what is the math exam like? I wish Molloy had more info on their site/an info session (as far as I can tell, they don't have nursing sessions, maybe I'm wrong?). Also, what is the admissions process like (I'd be applying to the generic BSN program, not the dual/second degree)? Do I just apply to Molloy as a transfer student and choose "nursing" as my major? Also, how long is the program? I see 3 years mentioned above, is that even with the gen eds and science courses done? Thanks for the help!
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    Okay reading the Molloy course catalog. Apparently if you take the TEAS prior to admission and get an 80% on the math section, you don't have to take the Molloy math test. Guess I'll aim for that since I'll be taking the TEAS anyway for other schools.
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    Quote from NYCGuy86
    Okay reading the Molloy course catalog. Apparently if you take the TEAS prior to admission and get an 80% on the math section, you don't have to take the Molloy math test. Guess I'll aim for that since I'll be taking the TEAS anyway for other schools.
    I got an 87 on math and they made me take it...and I didn't get in. It's not hard, but it's a bit of a pain in the ----
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    Quote from Maddyannie
    The good news is here .. I got into Molloy fall 13
    Hey ! I am a student at Hunter College, did not get into their nursing program because I got a C in Organic Chemistry. .. Could you tell me how difficult it is to get into the program?
    And Congrats on getting in !
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    I also got rejected from hunter. What was your gpa and nln?
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    Hello everyone I wanted to know what are the prerequisite for Molloy college. So far I took A&P 1 and I got a C+ which isn't great. I also took chemistry for nursing which I got a A- and also general chemistry which I got a C+. What other classes do I have to take and also what is the gpa they require. do they require an entrance exam like the teas?
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    My GPA was 3.6 but I can't remember my nln score. How about you? Where are you thinking of applying ?
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    What Chemistry did you take from your previous college for Molloy nursing program?
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    Hey I'm currently a student at LAGCC. In my 2nd semester. i have 9 credits, a cumulative gpa of 2.7 (I would have had a 3.7 but I failed algebra and trigonometry). I'm taking Anatomy and Physiology alone this semester. It's quite hard, but I'm aiming for a B+ or better at least. Right now I'm struggling though, trying to change that around. I'm planning on transferring to Molloy if they accept me. What is the criteria that I should be looking for as a transfer student? Is there a minimum GPA and minimum amount of credits needed to transfer? If not, I'll probably stay at laguardia for another semester. Can anyone offer some insight?
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    I applied for their dual degree BSN program with an undergrad GPA of 3.08 from my first bachelor's degree, and a 4.0 GPA from my pre-req's (A&P 1 and 2, Chemistry 1 and 2, lifespan, nutrition, and microbiology) but didn't get in
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