Suny Downstate Rn-Bsn 2012 Applicants - page 2

Hello everyone i have started this thread as i would like to reach out to prospective and current Suny downstate RN-bsn 2012 applicants.I figure we can help each other and even answer each others... Read More

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    Anybody hear anything from Downstate or see any change on their online admissions checklist?

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    Nurseaig: the site won't let me use PM since I haven't posted enough. To answer your question though, everything is checked off except RN license (im still in my program). I think they also added a Final Official Transcript row as well but can't remember if it was there before. How about you? Emails or changes?
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    I suppose that's a no?
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    I haven't heard anything yet.
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    Mine says application sent to committee.
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    Anybody heard anything?! Please share, thanks.
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    Do they make admission decisions before receiving the license? or was the rejection because my GPA wasn't strong enough? I just got rejected letter today BUT also just passed nclex other day... MAN this sucks.
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    Got accepted to Downstate. But got accepted to Hunter as well. It is going to be a tough decision between the two.
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    Anybody else was accepted?
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    Hey, I just found this post. I'm applying this year and was wondering what the gpas were for those that got in or rejected. I want an idea of how competitive it is. Thanks

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