SUNY Downstate Accelerated BSN Program 2014-2015 - page 4

Hey Everyone! I figured I should start a new thread for the upcoming round of decisions. How are you all feeling? What are your backgrounds? Have you applied to other schools? My application is in... Read More

  1. by   Lauren Bear
    i wish i knew! people are private about those scores
  2. by   brit2368
    I'm not sure about Downstate because they don't give any detail on their decision process but I know other school's that use the TEAS V grade you based on percentile not the actual score.
  3. by   Sray09
    i was thinking the same thing.. you can get a 75 but if no one else did any better than you then you're the most competitive applicant. i would think that being in the 85th percentile and greater would make you pretty competitive.
  4. by   syzrezi
    @Sray09, does that mean that when we entered our TEAS V grades on the application, we should enter the percentile, rather than our individual scores?
  5. by   brit2368
    No you enter the score you got, that's what they asked for. I was just saying that the transcript you submit has all the information they would need to compare you to other applicants and the rest of the country.
  6. by   Sray09
    I'm not sure, I actually didn't take the TEAS V until after I submitted my application and just had the transcript forwarded. I did read on the downstate website though that the minimum acceptable for Math is 75% and reading 70%
  7. by   brit2368
    Has anyone taken online course for their prerequisites?
  8. by   cherryhead81
    Today I got an email from admissions stating that I needed to resubmit my transcript because the ones I uploaded were unable to be read. This is very confusing to me because one of them I submitted as an official transcript from the school because I could not get an electronic copy. The other 2 I had trouble uploading and so I emailed admissions and they told me to send them scanned copies as attachments, which I did. Immediately after they emailed me saying they had a question about something on one of the transcripts which means they obviously were able to read it... right?
  9. by   Lauren Bear
    Sounds like it, @cherryhead81!
  10. by   Sray09
    i got the same email @cherryhead81
  11. by   cherryhead81
    @sray09 I sent them an emsil back about it. Did you ? or did you upload again?
  12. by   Sray09
    @cherryhead81 I sent them an email with an attachment including my transcripts. I didn't get a response or confirmation, though.
  13. by   njeri68
    Has anyone received an email from admissions requesting Course description of some of your courses? If there is anyone who responded and got through with such a request please let me know.