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Hey Everyone! I figured I should start a new thread for the upcoming round of decisions. How are you all feeling? What are your backgrounds? Have you applied to other schools? My application is in the review progress, so my... Read More

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    My checklist also changed just like yours. I checked my status via the other site (the one I used to submit) and it says "application submitted" then below that "incomplete review". I submitted on Jan 6th. So I think I just have to give them some time and wait it out. Supposedly, if anything is missing, they will contact us via email.

    Again, good luck to everyone!

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    According the posts here from last year's cycle, they start sending out notifications in early March. So... still a ways to go for us unfortunately.
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    My application still says screening in process and they confirmed that the application was complete on Dec.26. Anyone know how long it takes before it moves beyond that? Also, anyone know what is says after "screening in process"?

    As far as decisions, the post from last year has some people getting decisions as early as the end of January/beginning of Feb.

    Hope we start hearing soon. Good luck!
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    ooh @cherryhead81 i hope we hear that soon!
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    Also, @cherryhead81, it will say "application status: submitted" and "application sent to committee". Have you paid the processing fee yet?
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    Yes I cant wait to hear either. I am glad that we have a blog going.....definately have to apply to other programs just incase.
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    Yes i submitted the fee on Dec 3rd I believe. Any idea how long it takes before it changes though?

    I hope we hear soon too.
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    Guys do you think an 88 verbal and 86 math on the teasv gives me a chance?
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    I've been wondering the same thing with the TEAS V, does anybody know what the average score is for those who apply to this program?
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    i wish i knew! people are private about those scores

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