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SUNY Downstate ABSN Summer 2013 - page 4

Hi All! I wanted to start this thread to create some conversation about our application to SUNY Downstate's ABSN program beginning Summer 2013. I've heard a lot of pros and cons about the program... Read More

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    ohh okay, this waiting is agony.
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    Does anyone know how much our experience/resume/essay is taken into account? Are the decisions made pretty much on gpa/TEAS?
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    hi all,

    i've decided not accept suny downstate's offer for a seat in this summer's 2013 ABSN cohort. i hope one of you guys will receive good news soon now that a seat has opened up! best of luck everybody!
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    best of luck to you and thanks for letting us know about your declined seat.......

    Brooklyn gal........
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    Congrats Greeneggs--I'm sure it'll go to someone great Where did you decide on?
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    Hey green egg! So did your checklist change b4 getting an admissions letter or did it change afterwards? Also anyone else get any acceptances or status updates? It feels like they're already done or filled up and I'm just checking the mail everyday for no reason...
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    When I was put on the wait list last year, my checklist added the health component before I received the letter.
    I am pretty sure that acceptance letters are still going out.

    Other than greeneggs, has anyone heard about someone getting an acceptance letter??


    Brooklyn gal......
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    I didn't hear anything yet.
    This waiting is horrible
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    i'm not quite sure when my checklist changed, but as soon as i received my admissions letter, i checked online and saw that there were additional checklists for health requirements, background checks, deposits, etc..., so i assumed that the checklist changed before i received my letter. i have not yet decided on which school i will attend since i have yet to hear from financial aid from one of my schools. i have limited my choices down to 2 now, and will decide as soon as i hear from the financial aid office.

    good luck everybody!
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    Hello all,

    I am having such a hard time waiting to hear.
    Has anyone heard about anyone else (other than green eggs) getting an acceptance letter??


    Brooklyn gal.........
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    Hi brooklyn2012

    I'm also waiting. I keep thinking about it all the time.
    I just applied last week to pace as a backup.
    I called suny and they told me that decisions are made on rolling bases. My application was forwarded to review in beginning of November.
    That's only makes me more nervous.
    I'm loosing my hope ((((

    I hope you hear good news soon
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    Murcy -

    I also applied to Downstate's program for 2013, and I am still waiting to hear back. I submitted my application on November 1. You mentioned that you felt like the spots were filling up. I was wondering where you got that information. Have you heard that others were accepted from a different source (except for greeneggs...CONGRATS AND GOOD LUCK)?
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    Anyone get news in the last week? It's been quiet around here--I'm guessing they sent out the first round of acceptance letters, then based on yes/nos will send out another round and then waitlist. I keep peeking in the form to see if a health eval has appeared but sadly, none is there.