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Hi All! I wanted to start this thread to create some conversation about our application to SUNY Downstate's ABSN program beginning Summer 2013. I've heard a lot of pros and cons about the program and I would like us all to... Read More

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    Brooklyn gal, I wish you the best of luck!!! I am actually leaning towards another school and will update you on what happens. i hope you get your letter in the mail soon *crossed fingers*!!

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    So I was speaking with a few nurses/volunteers at a local hospital where I volunteer, and they warned me against going to Downstate due to the huge financial problems they're experiencing right now w/ the closing of LICH. They said they'd be worried about the hospital closing or cutting programs halfway through my schooling since they are in really bad shape right now.

    I don't know--what do you folks think? Not sure I'm in a position to say no if I get in.
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    Also, if you are rejected do they notify you by email or snail mail? Just curious, bracing myself to be disappointed...
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    The notify you via mail if you are rejected, put on the wait list or accepted to the Nursing Program.

    The academic programs at SUNY-Downstate are in good financial condition and are not affected by the closing of LICH. Downstate overstepped it's bounds by taking over LICH a few years ago and this decision to close the hospital is an effort to stop the hemmoraging of money.

    Anyone else heard anything from Downstate???

    Brooklyn gal.................
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    I'm still waiting
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    Has anyone else received an email saying that their application is in queue to be sent to the admissions committee?
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    I did not receive an e-mail.
    I just see from the checklist that my application was sent to the committee on 11/5 for review.
    No further information.

    Why would they send you an e-mail if a decision about your application was not rendered? weird...

    Brooklyn gal..........
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    oh sorry..I did receive an e-mail when my application was complete and was being sent to the nursing review committee. It was a few weeks after I sent in my online application in October.

    Brooklyn gal......
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    Hey everyone,

    So my story is that I didn't do so well in undergrad but did awesome on prereqs. This makes me anxious as I have no idea how they'll interpret this... 3.0 on undergrad 4.0 on prereqs... I have some volunteer hours in but nothing else to show on my application.

    I've applied but haven't heard back from the school yet. (sad)

    I was wondering for anyone whos been accepted, did the checklist on the website change before receiving your acceptance in the mail? If so, how long before hand did it change?

    Also thanks for all the updates everyone.
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    ohh okay, this waiting is agony.

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