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SUNY DELHI RN Program Fall 2012

  1. 0 Hello everyone!

    I applied to Delhi's Traditional ADN (RN) program today and thought it may be helpful to start up a forum.

    If you are:

    currently applying or plan on applying, a former applicant, a current student, I'd love to hear from you!

    Has everyone finished their perquisites? Does anyone else have a not so competitive GPA (like me)? Does anyone know who is considered a competitive applicant? Where is everyone else applying?

    I look forward to speaking with everyone and hopefully entering the Fall '12 class together!

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    I am applying for the fall as well. I originally applied for this spring, but took too long to send in the required documents, and received notification that the spring semester is now full, so I rolled my application over to the fall. I'm currently in the RN-BSN program at College of Staten Island, but I'd like to transfer into the program at SUNY Dehli. I feel that it will be quicker and more convenient. I'm also interested to find out what others think of this program.
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    I hate it, that's all I can say. The workload is very hard and heavy.
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    ^^^ thanks for the heads up. What semester are you in right now? Please tell me what's so bad about it, I would love to know? I'm going to hand in an application next week, but before I do I would love you to tell me more about the program.

    Thanks, Good Luck, Hang in there!