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  1. 0 Hello All,I am very new to this website and it really warms my heart to see everyone helping and consoling each other.I am a junior nursing student and I am interested in doing an externship over the summer. I know there are a few posts about this but a lot of them are from years ago and I wanted some more current advice. My dream is to be in the NSLIJ-Healthcare system so I would love to get an externship with them or NY Presbyterian is a close second.I hate to bother you all with the same things again but could anybody offer up any advice as to how to go about the process of applying, where/when they applied (I'm from Queens so to hear from people who applied to or did the NSLIJ externship or NY Presbyterian would be awesome but all advice is welcomed! haha), what you got out of the experience, how was your interview, etc. I would really love and appreciate the feedback. Thanks!
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    Welcome to the site! That's REALLY good your considering a nursing externship so early on in your education! Because as you know .. It's soooooo hard to get hired as a new graduate RN, especially lately and the more you do to grow that resume , the better!. Now anyway, answering your question...

    -LIJ has externships that they post on their career page periodically , you can sign up from job alerts through indeed or even the LIJ website so that you will be notified the moment they post any... But I'm almost 100% positive only new graduate BSN students are allowed but i could be wrong
    -NYP has a nursing assistant position that is meant for nursing students, i forgot the exact title, so just google their jobs page

    If your heart is set on NYP and LIJ then i def recommend checking out their web pages and getting a general email address to HR for information.
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    Campus Events Feb 06 - Mar 04, 2013 New York City NY
    • Nursing
    Nurse Extern Opportunity for BSN Students
    Description: Making It Possible

    Behind every patient success story - before every clinical breakthrough - stands the unparalleled team of professionals at New York's #1 Hospital.

    With leading specialists in every field of medicine, the advances pioneered at NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital have improved the lives of people everywhere. This is why we can deliver the highest level of inpatient, ambulatory and preventative care. Be one of the people who make it possible.

    Nurse Extern Program
    Full-time nine-week program

    Embrace this unique opportunity to acquire new skills and learn more about great careers with New York's preeminent academic healthcare center. Gain extraordinary nursing experience.

    Eligibility: Candidates must be BSN students entering their senior year with a minimum of a 3.0 and be able to work a full-time, rotating nine-week schedule alongside their preceptor.

    The posting for the Nurse Extern Program will be on NYP’s career site during the first week in March – please check back then. We will make our final decisions in April.
    Event Location: NewYork-Presbyterian
    Address: New York City NY
    Facilities Represented: All NewYork-Presbyterian Locations
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    Thank you so much for your help you guysIm regards to LIJ I was under the impression that the externship was for BSN nursing students about to enter their senior year..maybe I'm wrong I guess but thanks for the advice I will definitely sign up for the email alertsIn regards to NYP thanks for this it defimitely cleared up alot!!
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    Quote from toussaint03
    Thank you so much for your help you guysIm regards to LIJ I was under the impression that the externship was for BSN nursing students about to enter their senior year..maybe I'm wrong I guess but thanks for the advice I will definitely sign up for the email alertsIn regards to NYP thanks for this it defimitely cleared up alot!!
    NYP student nurse extern application for this summer opened Feb 06 and closes March 04.
    Hurry and apply! ( thats if you havn't)
    More infor on website at
    Good luck !
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    but i spoke to the nurse recruiter and they said that it would be posted the first week of march
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    Can anyone who applied for the north shore LIJ externship or NYP externship give any info on the application/interview process? It would be greatly appreciated!
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    Hi toussaint03, this is my first time on here and like you am trying to get information regarding NSLIJ externship for the summer. I've been searching though google and I cant find any information. I know Lenox Hill ususally offers one but they too havent posted any information. Does anyone know who to contact, possibly a nurse recruiter for North Shore LIJ? Thanks!!
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    Hi Nessa0387
    I have tried to stay on top of the info for NSLIJ and i feel like the application might possibly go up this week or next..I spoke to a recruiter recently and she basically said to watch the website and check everyday because once the application goes up its only up for a few days. As far as who to speak to, you should be able to find a number on the website. Thats what i did so i dont quite remember the number off the top of my head. Hopefully that helps!
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    Thanks I'll continue to check the website. I've been looking for it on the carrer site for NSLIJ cause when I click on the link for the Lenox Hill externship thats where it conitnues to take me. Were you told to look for a posting on NSLIJ regular site?
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    Yea i noticed that i wasnt told anything i just search like extern or nurse externship and see what i get but nothing yet
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    Hey! I have been keeping a close watch on the New York Presbyterian summer nurse externship program. I see there is an 'event' open on the NYP website about the externship program and that it closes march 4, does this mean the application? or is that just information? because I cant seem to find the application anywhere!
    any help would be appreciated!
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    Yea it was just an event I guess for us to be aware that the posting was going to go up but it says it will go up the first week of march so i guess just check the website everyday to be safe.

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