Stony Brook's Hiring Process

  1. I am a new grad and recently went on an interview at Stony Brook Medical Center. I was wondering if anyone went through the hiring process. How long did it take to hear back from the recruiter or nurse manager after the interview? And if you did accept the position, what was your experience going through the Residency Program?

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  3. by   Paws2people
    Their hiring process takes a month or so. Because it is a state job, there is more "red tape" to go through. I heard back from HR after the interview immediately, but I knew from their attitudes that the job was mine while I was being interviewed . After they hire you with the contingency offer, then they run the background check. After that is the medical exam, then you go to orientation. All this took a month or so. Good luck!
  4. by   tigralvovna
    Hi Paws2people! Thank you for your response! what position did you interview for? I was told that they can't give me a decision until the posting for the position closes on the website.
  5. by   bebbercorn
    I also just interviewed with them, and currently I'm working per diem for a Stony Brook affiliate. The office manager told me it can take up to two months, they have to post the jobs online to give other people a chance to apply and by law have to interview everyone who meets the minimum qualifications, if i understand it right. Did you interview for an ED position?
  6. by   tigralvovna
    No, I interviewed for the ortho floor. I did however see people that day who were interviewing for the ED. What position did you apply for?
  7. by   bebbercorn
    I applied for ED, the interview seemed to go well and she brought me to the floor to interview with that team as well. (I interviewed with Anna). She mentioned salary and said "If I say everything looks good, it looks good." However, she told me it takes a while and not to get discouraged if I don't hear back in a week... I guess I'll try to be patient. How did your interview go? I found that they were all really welcoming and it was pretty easy compared to others I've been on.
  8. by   tigralvovna
    My experience was very similar. Everyone was very pleasant and the interview with the recruiter as well as the nurse manager and the floor staff was very laid back. They didn't ask questions that never seem to have a correct answer: "what is your weakness?"
    Did the recruiter tell you when the orientation would be if you got the position? I was told April 11th.
  9. by   bebbercorn
    She said that the orientation starts April 11th and if all of the paperwork wasn't in there was another orientation on May 9th. I agree the questions were not typical ones which made the flow of conversation really nice, she actively participated and listened and shared her own experiences. Perhaps I'll meet you at orientation, lol, in the best case scenario. In the meantime I keep applying, and fyi there is a career fair in Melville on Wednesday, it's on if you are interested.
  10. by   tigralvovna
    Hopefully we will, fingers crossed! I'm actually signed up to go to the career fair, thanks for the info! Did you apply for the ED Fellowship or the regular position that's currently up?
  11. by   bebbercorn
    I initially applied for the fellowship, as I've been out on maternity leave, but she called me for a regular position with a 4 month orientation. The recruiter just called, I apparently need one more letter of recommendation, siiiiigh, the suspense never ends with this waiting game!
  12. by   tigralvovna
    No it doesn't, I'm on pins and needles at this point. It sucks, I wish there was a PVT for interviews
  13. by   bebbercorn
    LOL!!! I will keep you posted please do the same!
  14. by   tigralvovna
    I will! Hopefully Stony Brook requesting more recommendations is a good sign!