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I am a new grad and recently went on an interview at Stony Brook Medical Center. I was wondering if anyone went through the hiring process. How long did it take to hear back from the recruiter or nurse manager after the... Read More

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    @sherluckyRN I applied on a thursday and heard on the tues I believe

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    @Agill1 what did you apply for?
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    @bebbercorn I also applied for the fellowship but when they called me they offered me an interview for a medicine floor which sounded amazing. Still havent heard anything, left 2 voicemails and its almost 3 weeks
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    @ Agill1 I hope they call you, it sounds like we are all on a waiting game. So tired of job hunting!
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    Ah tell me about! Good luck and keep us posted!
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    Any updates?
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    I still haven't gotten any calls from them. Like is there something with my résumé? Me? Ughh
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    I was offered a job yesterday! I noticed I got it a day after the closing date... if it hasn't passed yet, don't give up!
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    Congratulations bebbercorn! That's fantastic!
    My old employer called me earlier this week to tell me he received a fax from Stony Brook to verify my dates of employment.
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    @tigralvovna, I saw that the closing date for OR is 3/22 or thereabouts? Here's hoping for a call for you!

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