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Stony Brook's Hiring Process - page 3

I am a new grad and recently went on an interview at Stony Brook Medical Center. I was wondering if anyone went through the hiring process. How long did it take to hear back from the recruiter or... Read More

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    I still haven't gotten any calls from them. Like is there something with my rsum? Me? Ughh
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    I was offered a job yesterday! I noticed I got it a day after the closing date... if it hasn't passed yet, don't give up!
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    Congratulations bebbercorn! That's fantastic!
    My old employer called me earlier this week to tell me he received a fax from Stony Brook to verify my dates of employment.
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    @tigralvovna, I saw that the closing date for OR is 3/22 or thereabouts? Here's hoping for a call for you!
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    @bebbercorn, I actually interviewed for the orthopedic floor which they are still interviewing for according to the nurse manager even though the position closed last week. I guess it's a popular position.
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    @tigralvovna perhaps I need glasses, lol. I really hope you get it! And @Agill1 thank you!
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    Hi everyone,

    I just saw this thread & I'll be at the April 11th orientation. Anybody else?
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    I'll be there if my background check is finished on time! Otherwise may 9th. Where will you be working?
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    Yes I'm in the same situation, assuming everything is on time. I'll be working on 12 south med surg. How about you?
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    I'm in ED.
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    I received an offer yesterday from Stony Brook as well as two other hospitals. After long consideration, I've decided to take another job offer. Good luck to you guys at Stony Brook!
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    Congratulations, tigralvovna!