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It's almost september, which means people are starting to get their applications for nursing together real soon. I'm currently in the 1-yr nursing program here at Stony Brook. A previous alum... Read More

  1. by   NurseLRW
    Hello, I am also waiting. When did you submit your application? Which program??

    Lesley Rothschild, BSN, RN
  2. by   nyv2015
    To anyone who is currently in the one year program, starting the one year program, or has graduated from the one year program, can you please share what the schedule is like? I tried emailing someone in the program to find out more about the schedule and she said it is 7 days a week and nights as well. is this true? I have a friend at Pace's one year program and it's only four days a week (two days class, two days clinicals) I would love if someone can share what an actual week schedule looks like (not including studying)
  3. by   ephron12345
    Hi guys! I just submitted my application for the 2016 cycle. Can anyone tell me about how long it takes to find out if you got an interview? Also, will they notify you if you do not receive one? Thanks!
  4. by   KimMansfield
    Hi Everyone!

    I just attended the SBU Nursing Info session for the basic & accelerated programs. It was extremely intuitive since I've found the information on the academic website a little confusing. Nice to speak to a human!

    My hope is to be accepted into the accelerated however I have a 2.79 from my previous Bachelors and a 4.0 in my pre-requisites. I'm concerned my application will not even be considered. I am confident in my essay, recommendation letters, and my interview skills (should I get that far). From my understanding the cumulative GPA is weighted so my 2.79 will be considered highly than my pre-requisites.

    I'd love some insight into other's experience or if there have been similar situations like myself and ended with a happy acceptance! I appreciate all the help in advance

  5. by   HopefulSRNA1234
    Hi Kim. I've posted this on here before but you definitely still have a chance! I graduated from the accelerated program in 2014. My undergrad GPA was similar to yours (2.49 😱 from BA institution, 2.9 or something cumulative). Since undergrad I had taken 30 units and had a 4.0 in those as well as all my prereqs. I graduated the accelerated program with straight A's except two A-'s. Stony Brook really does look at your whole admission packet. Just make sure you shine in the rest of it.

    Also, when I applied, I was able to upload a supplement document. I used that area to discuss my poor undergrad GPA, and more importantly what has changed in my life and how I have changed so that those grades will never happen again.

    Hope this helps a good luck!!
  6. by   KimMansfield
    Thank you! I appreciate the quick response. Your feedback is priceless!

    Just to clarify, after your undergrad you took an additional 30 credits, plus your prerequisites so your cumulative GPA was higher than a 2.4 when you applied to SBU?

    Its just a little disheartening that with 5 years of "life experience" and a 4.0 in science prerequisites my undergrad GPA could potentially hold me back.
  7. by   HopefulSRNA1234
    Yeah I know how you fell! But the good news is you still have a chance! Yes, after undergrad I took 30 units, some were prereqs some were not and got a 4.0. I also went to community college before I transferred to a four year school so when I combine my community college with my first undergrad and with the 30 units after graduating, I had like a 2.9 something gpa. I don't remember exactly but it was still bad lol. I Los had a pretty good career in the health field so I think that helped a bit. I graduated from undergrad in 2007 so a lot of time had passed and I hd changed lot since my horrendous undergrad record.
  8. by   pollito527
    Hello, I was wondering if you knew by any chance if you can do your nursing capstone in Stonybrook if you come from a different college?If so who would I contact? Would it be stonybrook hospital?
  9. by   Cuccioli1984
    Hi. I am Roberta. I also thought to apply for this fall but realised I don't have all the prerequisites. Even though I have already a bachelor in biology, master in Neurobiology and PhD in Neuroscience the program coordinator told me that I needed at least to be register for the labs. I already took Anatomy, physiology and microbiology in Italy during my Bachelor. I thought to use the next year to have the pre-requisites done. I don't know if there are schools who allow you to take only the labs. Do you have any idea or advice?? I saw that Suffolk community college (not sure if it will be considered a good school) offers the courses as well as Saint joseph college.
  10. by   Pcypress
    How long did it take u to get a response on whether or not u got into their program
  11. by   jessicaj9
    Hi, I have an upcoming interview for the two year nursing program and was told there was a brief writing sample which I'm extremely nervous about and wanted to know is it similar to the essay for the application; on why you want to be a nurse or the topic is completely different. Also, what type of Math is on the interview.
  12. by   jessicaj9
    Got a response in JAN