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    Hey everyone I need advice- for this in the program already--is it possible to work part time? Or is it physically impossible? I am wondering because I got into the 2 year program and I want to keep my job part time...hours are very flexible because it's at a restaurant..any advice much appreciated!

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    BioD i would also love to know the answer to that! Anyone that is in the 2 year. Is there a time frame when the classes and clinic are held typically?
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    Even tho I was in the 1-year program, I knew quite a few of the 2-years (the two programs are combined for classes starting in the fall of the 2-year's senior year [but they also take pathology with 1-years during their junior year]). Many of them had part-time jobs, their schedule was much more open than ours was. So from what I can see, it is possible. As a 1-year, it's damn near impossible, but I know some of my classmates did have jobs (especially one who managed to work full-time under the radar, don't know how they did it, but they obviously did not care to get a high GPA, that's for sure). The school only "recommends" that you do not work, but does not forbid it.
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    Thanks paco!! I mean I would love to not work but the reality is that I kind of have too but my job is so good and flexible and if I have a test one week I can say hey I can't work next these days because of a test..I was only going to work like 20 hours a week
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    I am lucky enough to have the same situation. i can even put in a bunch of little hours here and there spread out across the week, but the job is in the hrs of 9 to 5. so if that is when class and clinic are all week i might have an issue. Also does anyone take the train to and from campus. If so do you find it accomodating?
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    BioD! I found some helpful info on one of the blogs from 2009(i am a allnurses stalker at this point!lol). It might not be the same for us but it sounds like things might still be the same because the schedule leaves for thurs off for clinical which is what buckaroo said they did for them this past yr. She said her schedule was

    Mon- 9-4
    tues- 9-6
    Thurs you have the option to take ur clinical as buckaroo laid out on our stony brook 2012 thread
    Fri- later in the yr we have class from 10-12

    Hope this helps...and its close to what our schedule will be like.
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    Kwal-Hahahaha I wish I could "like" your previous comment about stalking Hahajahaha ...I think I could swing working I mean It will be extra hard but I gotta do it
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    Yes! we can do it! go to the fb page thats private Someone posted last yrs schedule almost the same!
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    What is the page name??
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    That schedule sounds about right, of course with some additions for ABSN students.

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