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Hey all! Just wanted to lend my support to anyone else who is applying to SB next summer! It's a grueling process :-)):yeah:... Read More

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    Just got off the phone wit someone from admissions. She assured me that decisions would be made before the end of the year. EEEEEEKKKKKK
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    Oh man, for real? I thought they didn't let last year's applicants know until February? Did s/he give you any other details?
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    That was pretty much it, but I didnt ask for more details. I called to make sure the information on Solar was accurate and they had received all my documents and she said that if Solar says everything i received then it's all there. What other programs are you applying to?
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    Wow, thanks for the information. I only had a paper copy of one of my recommendation letters (the professor that had given it to me has since retired and was a professor at Stony Brook, so she mailed it instead; I hope this isn't to my disadvantage...) so I will never know, I suppose, if Stony Brook has everything required. It is fantastic if we really will find out by the end of the year, because my husband and I are going to decide where to move to and I would love to be able to have an acceptance/rejection letter prior to making this decision! Thanks for posting this information.

    I applied to SUNY Downstate, but I think it would be difficult, logistically, because of where the school is located, and Stony Brook is ultimately where I want to go. They have already provided me with a wonderful undergraduate education. I'm also applying to Stony Brook's basic 2-year program (I am in the process of filling it out as we speak.)

    To where else are you applying?
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    I also went to Stony Brook for my Bachellors and am in the process of completing my application to Downstate as back up. The Downstate process is giving me a headache from all the different steps required. I still need to take a Sociology and the TEAS exam for it. Did you take the TEAS?
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    Oh that's great!! What did you major in at SBU? I was double majoring in Psychology/Philosophy and ultimately decided to graduate a semester early so I only got my BA in Psychology. I agree about Downstate's process being a bit over the top; I have not yet taken the TEAS exam, and according to the site, the closest place to take it when I checked was the Bronx. I would also need to take an additional math class, which I'm not too thrilled about, but at least I could do that in the Spring.
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    I majored in Economics and graduated in Dec 05. Registered yesterday for the Dec 3rd TEAS in Monroe college which is in the Bronx. I really hope Stony Brook lets us know before the new year so i can skip that final Sociology I need for Downstate and save myself some money. Where did you take your science pre-reqs?
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    Oh wow! I graduated in 2008! I know that Downstate is less expensive, but I think SBU is better value for the $. I have taken all of my prereqs at NCC... how about yourself?
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    Ok, for a second there I thought you were one of my former pre-reqs classmate. I live in the city so I took them at Borough of Manhattan Community College. I busted my behind to do good in them since my undergraduate GPA is not very good.. I wonder why the TEAS is only being offered at that place in the Bronx...
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    Oh, hehe, that would have been funny. I have done just okay in my prerequisites (so far, B+s in all of them). My undergraduate GPA was a 3.5, so again, just ok. I do, however, have experience in the healthcare field and I think I have pretty decent letters and personal statement. But I do think I'll be pushing it to get into the one-year program.

    Yeah, the TEAS thing is annoying. They offer it at Adelphi (which is close to me) but only for their own students. I really don't know when I will be able to get to the Bronx from where I am, but I'll have to see if it's even a possibility.

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