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Hey all! Just wanted to lend my support to anyone else who is applying to SB next summer! It's a grueling process :-)):yeah:... Read More

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    Hey Dollface:

    I just received a call back from a very nice lady at SB--she said that everything should be fixed/entered by November 4th--if by that time there is an error, she said to call.

    As for the asterisks with the U of M school--she said that just comes up as part of the name for that school (for some reason).

    Hope this makes you feel a little better


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    Quote from Paco69
    Good to see you back Zee!

    There were quite a few of my classmates who were accepted with pending prereqs, that I remember from the Facebook group -- and many of them were able to submit final transcripts with these grades @ orientation (because I recall there being an announcement asking if anyone had these to hand in). It was usually one course, either micro or chem I think. Also, I would estimate about 1/3 of my class graduated with their BA/BS degrees about a month before the ABSN started. I don't believe being a recent grad is an advantage per se, considering the other 2/3 of the class have had their prior bachelor's degrees from 1 to 20+ years before starting the ABSN.

    I just now realized that the app deadline is past, so answering your "what to do" question is moot. What did you end up doing anyway? BTW, not all of my classmates have 4.0 in their prereqs (I know a couple of them got C's in micro and still got in, not naming names! - but safely assuming the rest of their grades were good) so - all of you - don't be obsessed over what is done with your grades. Hopefully, your recommendations and essays were enough to shine. Clearly, the essays and recommendations are given considerable weight in the admissions process! When I look at my class as a whole, it is a very driven group. Together with grades, what people said about them and what they said in their essays helped to get them a seat among the 64!

    YES, I have LOTS of work to do (gosh, I even have a HESI exam tomorrow YIKES) ... but Tues are a day off for me so I had some time to procrastinate here. This week is CRAZY (so I heard it always is for the ABSNs for different reasons) ... so I may not be around to post again until next week. In the meantime, hang in there people!
    I planned on putting in my grade and hoping for the best. I was having trouble uploading my essay and when everything finally worked I ended up clicking submit before I went back to change it. So plan to take it is. If I get in, I'll deal with that when the time comes. I'm trying to stay stress free!

    How are you liking the program so far? How was the HESI exam? I have to take that for a school I'm applying to and I have heard different things about it although I'm not sure it would be exactly the same as what you took. I believe they exclude chemistry and physics.

    Quote from Joie_de_vivre
    Zee, i say you put plan to take. They will see that you have obviously taken that chem course and it will look good that you want to improve your grade in that course. Nothing wrong with doing it over.
    Even though I ended up putting plan to take I don't think they will see that I have already completed it before. I took chemistry at another school one summer during my undergrad years and transfered the credits to my university. On my transcript it shows the transfer credits and the school where I completed it but not the class or grade I received. It's out of my hands now, I just hope I make it in to either program I applied to at Stony Brook. Fingers crossed!
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    Well, the wont accept a pass/ fail grade, it has to have the actual letter grade anyways, so ur best bet was putting plan to take!
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    You're right, I do have an actual grade for the class but I would need to get a transcript from that school so they would be able to see it. I guess it all worked out either way. For my 2 year app I'll include it.
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    Exactly, as a matter of fact, they require that allll transcripts are submitted... All...
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    Quote from kimmieminnie
    PACO 69--I had a question for you--I was interested in getting the books for the Pathology, Math, and Pharmacology so I can read up--I am old SO I have to give it time to sink into this old brain and repeat repeat repeat Can you tell us the books used? Thanks a mill Kim
    Though I cannot guarantee that the books we are using this year are the same as the ones that will be used next year, I do know some people are using older editions of these books (don't know how successful they are by using them tho):

    MATH: Henke’s med-math: Dosage calculation, preparation, & administration, 6th Ed. by Bucholz & Henke.

    PHARM: Pharmacology for Nursing Care, 7th Ed. by Richard A. Lehne

    PATH: There is no required text, but recommended is: Pathology for the Health Professions (4th edition) by Ivan Damjanov.

    Quote from zee09
    How are you liking the program so far? How was the HESI exam? I have to take that for a school I'm applying to and I have heard different things about it although I'm not sure it would be exactly the same as what you took. I believe they exclude chemistry and physics.
    Love the program! Clearly will prepare me for NCLEX and becoming a working nurse. HESI was OK, we take a HESI test for most every class in which we have clinicals (and some others without clinicals I think). It's usually just 10% of one's grade, but it has got to be done!
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    Thank u for the insight paco, love ur new avatar (picture) !
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    Quote from Joie_de_vivre
    Thank u for the insight paco, love ur new avatar (picture) !
    Thanks! Actually, it is an old avatar from when I was a premium member, but I guess they are allowing them to non-members now? Hmmmm.
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    Quote from Paco69
    Can't believe you pulled me away from my massive paper due this Friday to make me say this to you:

    Stop selling yourself short!!! You have just as good a chance as anyone else! Is there a rule that says only people with A's get into the program? NO! For all I know I have classmates that only got B's in their prereqs! I don't know for a fact, but who knows? Getting into Stony Brook is so much more than grades. YES, I am the first to admit that there are a few VERY competitive students in my class, but EVERY class will have them. At the same time, you have the ones that just do the bare minimum but do it well, and we have those too. I have been with my classmates now for almost 4 months (holy crap ... I did not realize that until now LOL) ... and I feel safe in saying that not everyone had the same admissions profile, particularly GPA wise!! I have gotten to know most of them, and it's a very diverse group, and I don't mean ethnicitywise!
    So I pretty much obsess over whether or not I'm going to get accepted into this program. It's the only one I want to attend, but am nervous that I should be applying to other programs as fallbacks. Would you say the people that were accepted in your class either have great grades, a lot of hospital or volunteer experience or a combination of the 2? I just feel like for the most part everyone is going to have a pretty good essay (since you either put effort into it or not) and people are going to get recommendations from people that they know will write them a good one.

    I've been wanting to go to nursing school for the past few years and feel like I'm at the perfect place in my life to go. I've been teaching biology and anatomy (started the class this year) in a NYC public high school for the past 4+ years. I have done a lot of volunteer work with kids with cancer (many years in the hospital and at a summer camp). I have a bio degree and a very high science and overall GPA. I tried pouring my heart into my personal statement and while I have not viewed them, am pretty sure my recommendations are very good. I'd like to think I have a pretty good chance, but I almost feel like there's no rhyme or reason to who they accept from reading all of these blogs from the past couple of years. Do you agree with this? There's a few schools with application deadlines 11/15 and I keep going back and forth about applying since I really only want to go attend o Stony Brook.

    I know you're busy and you probably feel like you've answered this same question before, but any insight you have would be extremely helpful. Also, were you one of the guys that spoke at the first info session? I attended it and there was a lawyer in the accelerated program who spoke. Just wondering.


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    Ur the bomb! Thanks so much-just want to use my time as efficiently as possible ya know.

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